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Sunday, January 31, 2010

Welcome 2010!

To start out our night we headed over to the main hotel for the team for Tiger Talk!
We made a little stop before going in to take some pictures!Ok so it was LOUD and CROWDED! But we ordered our meal, ate, and listened to what we could. He we support our team however we can!
The guys had heard that the Tampa Auburn Touchdown Club had rented out the bowling alley, so we headed that way. Ends up there was so much going on that way including a band. We found some pool tables and the guys played something like one thousand games.. and won most of them..
Cort and I pretended to play, but mostly we were good cheerleaders!
Michael and I
Cort and Michael
Michael dominating the pool table!
What's Up New Years!
There was carpet all over the walls in the bathrooms..
The sign cracked me up.. It said that by law it needed to be vacuumed at least twice a week...
This picture makes me laugh.. HARD!
Michael and I
Trey and Cort
The four of us as we were waiting on the FireWorks!
It was a long night and Michael found someone to cuddle with..
We went back to the hotel soon after the fireworks, because kickoff was coming soon the next day....
It was a fun New Years Night and fun way to bring in 2010..

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Tampa or Bust

Along with Cortney and Trey, the Wednesday after Christmas we set out to make the trip all the way down to Tampa... We had to go see our Tigers play.. It was the mean and great Outback Bowl that we were playing in!
We got to Tampa in time to check in and catch dinner at where else, but Chili's! I mean who drives all the way to Tampa and craves Chili's, my husband of course!!
On Thursday we headed down to Ybor City, because we had heard so much about it. WELL... It reminded us a lot of Bourbon Street minus all the fun stuff. So it smelled and was dirty! But there was a lot of Cigar Shops with people hand rolling cigars, which Michael loved..
This picture represents Ybor City very well...
Save the Tatas!!!
Love it!
I handed Michael the camera and waited for Cortney.. The director in Michael came alive...
Smile Babe!
Purple..Purple..Purple.. There was purple (Northwestern's Color) everywhere...
We needed some orange and blue love!
Hey Michael can he give us directions...
Cherokee People.. Cherokee Tribe... So proud to Live, So Proud to Die.....
Where.. Where...
This is what Trey and Michael were doing as we took our Cherokee Tribe Pictures...
After walking around for awhile we found this great spot to take some pictures..Cortney took this picture and I think it is so cute.. I just wish it was a little lighter!
Mikey and I
Cort and Trey
We had a fun day walking around, doing a little shopping and a lot of eating.. Now it was time to go back to our hotel and get ready for New Years....

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Where Da Party At?

Saturday night after Christmas one of my long time friends had a get together. Blakele's parents live about a block from my parents and we have known each other since we were little. Her, Whitney, and I used to have SO much fun together. We did everything from playing Barbies, to spending the night at each others houses, to cheering... Great Memories!
This get together was so much fun because it was a very diverse group. It was everything from 2 years younger than me to one year older. Some of these people I have not seen in years. It was a great night and fun to have Michael met even more of my High School Friends. Although I wish Blake would have told me that half the guys I dated were going to be there.. Oh well, Michael got to met them all in one night too.. Fun Times!
Whitney (pregnant with her 2nd child, Blake, and I
Keely, Melody, Jason, and I Of course the guys were talking ALL about football. All the craziness with Urben Myer had just come out, so that was all the talk!
Michael, Larry (Whitney's Husband), Jim (Kiki's Husband), and Jason
Keely and I
Me with Candice and Blake
Keely, Melody, Candice and I
Kiki and I..
Kiki and I grew up together. Our parents have known each other for zillions of years.. Our dads were in each others wedding!
Jason, Candice, Michael, and I tried numerous times to get a good shot together.. Of course Candice and I had to ok them all.. After this one Candice said they looked liked they were taking a prom picture....
Which lead us to this one....Everyone got the prom picture memo but Michael.. Not sure what he is doing...
There are about 5 more pictures of us four in my camera, but these made me laugh the most, especially this one!!!
Candice and I
Michael and Dylan smoking their cigars.. Dylan is not so sure about it..
Dylan is one year older than us and played football with all our guys!
Jason, Michael, and Dylan outside in the cold...
I think it was about 3am or so when we looked around and realized it was just us... Jason, Candice, Dylan, Blake, Michael, and I talked and laughed for hours.. Sometime between the wine running out and the guys going to the zippy mart to get more (note to self: zippy mart wine/sangaria is NOT good, even at 2 in the morning) and all the laughs, well everyone else dipped.. And to think they missed the zippy mart wine!
Thanks Blake for hosting a WONDERFUL and WAY fun get together!
You were a wonderful Hostess! Love Ya Girl!

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

What did the doggies do for Christmas

So now that you know how we spent our Christmas... are you wondering about our puppies?
Well of course they came with us, they always do when we go to Destin. My parents have an almost 7 year old (born the day we got married) Male Cocker named Khaki.. So it is Cocker Spaniel craziness when we go home!
Both Kenzie and Shug did a lot of snuggling, exploring, and a little playing...
After all the hype of Christmas morning Shug was wiped out the rest of the day...
Look at those sleepy eyes!!
And he is OUT!!
Kenzie LOVES to look out the windows.. She does this ALL day at our house, my parents house was no different!
As we opened gifts she sat on top of this chair and watched.. goodness gracious knows what!
When she was not looking out the windows, she was cuddling with whoever she could..
Daddy and Kenzie
Michael and Kenzie
I have never seen a dog that loves to play ball more than Khaki....I got him and Shug some balls for Christmas.. Here is Khaki among all the wrapping paper begging to play!
I think over all the doggies had a wonderful Christmas as well.. They should, we all spoil them to death...