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Wednesday, April 30, 2008

With Much Anticipation, I present to you......

After many of our friends asking, here it is... My Blog !!! I have been so excited about getting everything started and posting my first "blog".
When I first decided I wanted to do this I had to first think of a name. Oh the stress of a name !! I first thought of "Mullen Madness", which I must admit was Michael's favorite. But I figured that sounded way to much like "March Madness" and I am not a big basketball girl. After going through the positives and negatives of many others, I came up with "Perfectly Pink". This seemed great for me, because the color pink always makes me happy and as everyone knows is my favorite. After that it was on to what my blog was going to look at. I really thought that between myself and the Internet I could do this, WOW was I wrong. I spent hours and hours and came up with a extremely bland pink and green blog. Thank goodness through the grapevine I heard that Jamie Grizzle had done her own and loved to do this kind of stuff. I emailed her this past Monday to ask for her help and she ran with it. I do not think I have emailed anyone back and forth as much as I did her this past week. She keep on emailing the cutest ideas. Some she said were stolen.... oh stolen is such a harsh word. I prefer the term Borrowed. One of the ones that she "borrowed" I really liked. But once I looked at it a little closer I realized that the crown was placed on top of what I think is a pink Africa. Now yes I might be a princess and my ethnicticity might have been questioned once or twice during the summer, but African Princess has never been used to describe me and no need to start now. GOD BLESS THE USA, do you fill me !!! Yesterday she emailed the AWESOME banner that is on my page now. When I saw it, I knew that was it. It was perfect for me. I can't thank her enough for all the hard work she put into making my page look great. You can look on her page (this is where I would have a little link thing if I knew how to do that, but since I don't you are going to have to look to your right under "bloggin buddies") to see some of the other ideas she came up with for me and some cute others as well. I personally think she should have her own little side business. I told her that someday I would teach her child how to do a mean cartwheel. A big THANKS to JAMIE GRIZZLE!!!!! You Rock !!
1) I promise that once I learn how to post a picture, most of my blogs or post (whatever you call them) will probably include a picture even if they have nothing to do with the blog, because I like to look at other peoples pictures. So why would ya'll not like to look at mine !!
2) I promise that I will misspell words and have plenty of run on sentences (see #1 as proof).
I was not an English major and do not pretend that I was, I am a Cheerleading and Gymnastics Coach. That is my story and I am sticking with it.
3) I promise that this will be an extremely light-hearted blog. My post will be "Much To Do About Nothing". It will be the most random crap that you may have ever read and that will be your little snick peek of what goes on inside my head. So for all the Kristy Dean Crawfords out there, beware this will be nothing like yours. I just do not write like that, yes I do have deep thoughts but they can not seem to make it to paper.. Case in point: One summer while I was at Auburn I took an English Lit course. Our teacher who was a Yankee, Feminist, Tree Hugger (yes all of those) took us outside to write in our journal. My first thought was, Yes maybe I will get some sun. So I wrote. The next day in class she told us that we would be reading our journal entrees out loud. Unfortunately I was close to the front and had no time to re-do mine. Everyone else's was deep and thoughtful. My read something like this... "As I sit here outside I am praying that I am getting some sun and wondering why ants are crawling in my pants..so on" I knew it would be a long semester for me and the teacher had the same look on her face.. So even though I do have some deep stuff going on up there, I will probably not be sharing it on this blog.
4) I promise that I will be back tracking.. April was a crazy month for me, but I did some pretty fun stuff that has pictures to go with it. So I will be posting stuff from April. I am figuring that this is my blog and I make the rules.. And I say that is OK !!
5) I promise that I will make small quotes from movies and songs that you may or may not get, but I will help ya'll with that one. By the way "oh the stress of a name" is from Pretty Women.
6) I promise ( I think) that for the first few months I will post like crazy and then it will dwindle down and a few or less times per month, because that is just how I ROLL !!
7) I promise that once Football Season gets here, I will post about Auburn and SEC football way to much. My love of Auburn Football will be kicking like crazy during those months ( I know what you are thinnking.. that love is not kicking year around ?? and yes it is, but in season is a whole nother story)
8) I promise that my husband is insane and that is one reason I love him so much. He has asked to make a guest appereance every once in awhile and I said yes (which makes me also insane). Trust me, you will know when it is him not me and I will tell you so.
I hope ya'll enjoyed my first attempt at bloggin' (and yes Whitney, the word bloggin' is kindof like the word muddin'. There is not "ing" just an "in". Yee Haw !! ) Please if you have a blog add me to yours and help me add you to mine. Jamie still has lots to teach me.
Have a Rockin' Day !! Sometime soon (once Jamie helps me) I will have my own little signature too... Added later .... Thank you Jamie for adding me a cute little name thing.. What would I do with out you !!