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Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Homewood Idol

Our Church did a Trunk or Treat the Sunday before Halloween and each Lifegroup was in charge of a "Trunk". And this was a competition, so ours had to be good. We decided on "Homewood Idol" as our theme. We were out of town the Sunday night our group got everything together.. so I can take no credit, but it looked GREAT !!

Hal dressed up like a.... Ninja Turtle !!! Did I mention he was the only adult dressed up !! You go Hal !!

top: Me, Heather, Maghan, Lora,Jennifer.... bottom: Cortney, Martina

top: Rob, Hal, Jeremy, Drew..bottom: Camron, Michael... and yes they were making fun of our girl picture !!!

Me, Heather, Cortney, Lora, and Jennifer while setting up
The Guys in a real picture.. where they are not making fun of us !!

Michael, Hal, Maghan, and I enjoying the night
Colton at his first Trunk or Treat !!! He is the cutest Kangaroo ever !!

Our Truck was a SUCCESS !! The kids loved it.. The Hannah Montana CD and the High School Musical CD was a hit.. The stage was kept full with singing kids.. Towards the end of the night a big kid decided to join in on the fun.. Michael busted out with Ice Ice Baby.. and even did a little buddie dance and crazy leg for us !!
Me with our very own Vanilla Ice !!

Our lifegroup...

Our Combined Lifegroup !!!
I am sad to say that we were first losers and our other half of the lifegroup beat us.. But I feel VERY strongly that the competition MUST have been rigged !!! Our "Homewood Idol" was Awesome !!! But I will swallow pride and say Congrats to the other half of our LifeGroup for winning first place...

On a little side note: Us girls were all talking before we got started about how none of us knew any of the Hannah Montana or High School Musical Songs. We turned on the Hannah Montana CD and we hear the majority of the guys singing,

"Everyone Makes Mistakes, Everyone has those Days... Nobodies Perfect.. I got to work it""

APARTLY there is a commercial on Jocks our Sports Radio Station with that Hannah Montana song in it.. And just to clear the air... a few days later Michael made sure I heard the commercial so his wife (me) would not think he was secretly listening to Hannah Montana... It is ok Michael...


Monday, November 24, 2008

Happy 29th Birthday Babe !!

On October 25th Michael turned 29 !!! It is about time he caught up with me.
That night Michael's Mom and Stepfather came down and took us out to eat. Michael got to pick, so of course we went to Cheesecake Factory !!! Works for me !! Yum Yum!!
After eating we shared the Godiva Cheesecake (our favorite).. When they brought it out, it was all decorated and they even sang Happy Birthday !!

The Birthday Boy and Me

Mr. and Mrs. Daffin (Michael's Mom and StepFather)

After eating we headed home for Michael to open his presents.

My Family got him this Auburn Polo and another Auburn long sleeve button down.

His Sister hooked him up with some tailgating stuff. She got him this Auburn Rolling Cooler and an Auburn Grill Set.

His Mom got him a great looking pair of slacks and these golf shoes.

Michael has been eyeing this picture for awhile now at Auburn Art. So from me he got the double picture from the AU vs Florida game last year. The picture on top is of Wes Byrum kicking the winning field goal and the one on the bottom is of him doing the Gator Chop after he made it !!!

I think Michael may like Auburn just a little bit !!! We need more Auburn stuff like we need a hole in our head, but he loves and to be honest.. so do I !!!


Saturday, November 22, 2008

Road Trip to West Virginia

So I have been on a Sabbatical !! Yep, that is what we are calling it. No I did not leave to "find myself", but I just needing some time off. Well that is my story and I am sticking to it. And yes since I took this "Sabbatical", I have much catching up to do. So here goes the catching up:
A few weeks ago Michael and I went to the West Virginia vs Auburn game... in West Virginia. Many months ago Trey and Cort had invited us to go with them. We agreed, hard to turn down an away game ! A bit later I asked Michael when our plane leaves, Michael checked and came back with...... WE ARE DRIVING !!! Dun Dun Dun.. Now trust me I am all up for a road trip and driving to a state right beside Alabama is one thing, but driving to a state with MANY other states in between is another thing.. But after checking plane tickets and not finding any even close to our price range I decided... driving it is !! But let me tell you if we would have flown we would have missed the good things like:
1) The Big Billboard in West Virginia that read "Aim High.. Get your GED"
2) Trey almost falling asleep numerous times on our way to the hotel at early am in the morning after the game. This would not have been so bad if he was not driving !!
3) New River Gorge !!! Here are a few pictures of its beauty !!

Michael and I (and if you read Cort's blog you read about my velcro rollers, I took them out just for these pictures then put them right back it)

Trey, Cort, Me, and Michael

Finally we made it to the stadium...

Cort and I on our way to TIGER WALK !!

Michael and IAt Tiger Walk we ran into some Auburn Friends.. Here is Michael with Travis !!

Aubie even came over and grabbed a quick picture with me !! Thanks Buddy !!

Aubie doing some cheers with the band and Cheerleaders !!After a long wait, Here they come. PS the wait was worth it. We were right in the front. Once the players came off the bus I got pushed in so close that I was touching everyone, whether I wanted to or not.. I was to close for any pictures, but I got this one of Tubs before getting pushed in.
Before going into the Stadium.
West Virginia's band was suppose to be all that and a bag a of chips, but once they came out I could not take my eyes off of the GUY baton twirler.. Yep that is right people I said guy and I got a picture to prove it.. (Did I mention that the people were a little different in West Virginia)

Auburn about to score. Unfortunately this did not happen enough in this game.

It was cold to begin with, but once that sun went down.. FREEZING !!! The West Virginia guy behind us said that was nothing.. But for us Alabamians.. it was something !! As you can tell we were all layered up !!

Just in case you are wondering we left Wednesday night and got home Friday night. That is 1,500 miles of driving, going through 6 states in around 50 hours !!!! It was a fun road trip, way more fun than if we would have flown !!