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Saturday, October 31, 2009

Mandy's Wedding.. Part 2.. Rehearsal Dinner

Friday after we hurry hurried and got ready for the Rehearsal... We got to the bus! The wedding was held around 45 minutes away from where everyone was staying, so we rode a big bus.
My big rollers were a hit.. One of the groomsmen said "Well we know she is married".. I guess he thought if I was single I would care more...
Probably Not !!! As you can see, I can Rock some Velcro Rollers!!
Keely, Robin, Melody, and I on the bus
Mandy watching over the Rehearsal making sure everything was just like she wanted...
Sherri (Mandy's Sorority Little Sister), Keely, Me, and Robin
Keely and I
Michael and I
Keely, Mandy's Daddy, Mandy, and Melody as we were walking into the Rehearsal Dinner
Mike T. (Keely's Husband), Keely, Me, and Michael
Robin, Me, Melody, and Keely
Jason (my best guy friend from High School), Candice (Jason's Wife), Me, and Michael
Candice and II LOVE the randomnish of this picture.. It straight cracks me up!!
Michael and I
One of Ryan's (Mandy's Soon to be Husband) Groomsmen gave a speech that I swear was NEVER ENDING.. This is me around hour 5 of his speech....(ok not really 5 hours, but it felt like it)
Once we got back to our hotel the party came to our room..
Back Row: Me, Jason, Michael, Mike T., Melody, Sean (Melody's Boyfriend)
Bottom Row: Candice, Robin, Keely
Another RANDOM picture that I LOVE...
You could take a special elevator up to the top floor at the Hard Rock Hotel, which took you to RISE..
Me, Keely, Mel, and Candice dancing
Michael and Sean
Jason and Michael
Me, Candice, and Mel
We finally headed to bed, Saturday was Mandy's Big Day.. And let me tell you..
I FLAT took some Pictures on Saturday...

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Mandy's Wedding.. Part 1.. Bridesmaid's Luncheon

Michael and I left Birmingham EARLY on Friday (10/9) morning to drive to Biloxi, MS to get there in time for the Bridesmaid's Luncheon. We got there with enough time to check in and off I was....
The Luncheon was held at this wonderful place right across from the Hard Rock Hotel (where we were staying). Years ago slaves were held there and the history goes on and on.
You can still see the water line from Hurricane Katherina, which is well above the door frame.
My Shrimp Salad was great and the Mimosas were flowing..
Robin, Melody, Mandy, Me, and Keely
Robin and I
As Bridesmaids Gifts Mandy gave us each a PINK MONOGRAMMED bag... they are even lined in lime green.. Tell does it get any better?
Keely and I with our SO CUTE bags...
Mandy with all her Bridesmaids and Jr Bridesmaids
Afterwards we hurried back to the hotel to get ready for the Rehearsal...
Did I say we hurried.. just wanted to make sure...

Weekend in Destin.. Football and a Wedding

Michael had a best friend from High School getting married in Santa Rosa Beach a few weekends ago and it worked out perfectly for us to go. We could watch Mac play on Friday night and go to Tim's Wedding on Saturday.
Michael and I left Birmingham Friday afternoon to get there in time for kick off.

I think this picture is so cool. Right as I was about to take the picture the ball was snapped and Mac went into action...
Mac looking at the coaches on the sideline waiting for the call !
Sad Day.. This was not a "w" for the Vikings... This was also the first time I have ever seen Mac loose while playing Viking Football... and I thought I was just good luck..
Saturday we woke up and got ready to go to breakfast..But before we left Michael had to make fun of a Mac a little for a extremely goofy picture he took...
Momma, Me, and Mac..
It being a football Saturday we were all decked out in our Auburn stuff... Even in Destin we got plenty of "War Eagle's" !!
Momma and Mac
Daddy and Momma
Saturday Night we headed over to Santa Rosa for the Wedding. The location was beautiful and ceremony was held right off the water.
Michael and I
Michael and Tim
Michael and I
April (Tim's younger Sister) and I
The Bride and Groom..
Pruitt and Tim
Michael, Tim, and a Groomsmen watching Auburn beat Tennessee
Pruitt and Tim as they were leaving
Fun Weekend.. Of course it went by WAY too quick.. But they always do...

Monday, October 26, 2009

Addison is Here !!

SEPTEMBER 28. 2009
Addison Lynn Craig was born
Will this little girl ever know how much we prayed for her??
Will she ever know how much she was wanted ??
OH YEA... we will make sure of it..
Michael and I went to visit the new family of three the day after Addison was born.. She is beautiful !!

Maghan with Addison
Just the day before we had taken our Parenting Class at St Vincent's Hospital, so Michael was practicing all the ways to hold a baby they had taught us.. I think the football hold was his favorite... hum I wonder why ??
The Family..
Congratulations Maghan and Hal
We love ya'll very much and could not be happier for ya'll...

Birthdays and Football

We headed to Prattville to celebrate some birthdays and see some family. Michael's sister, Stacey, and her two daughters were visiting from St Louis.
Here is Mrs. Daffin bringing out the birthday cake for Mr. Daffin and Stacey.
Happy Birthday Ya'll !!!
One of Stacey's presents from us was this frame with a big "C" for her last name in the middle..
Mr. Daffin's present was a radar detector...
On Saturday we picked up Mr. Mullen in Montgomery and headed out to the game. Auburn was playing Ball State. We wanted to spend a lot of time with Stacey and the girls, so no tailgating for this game.
Another wet one... It rained and rained.....
Sunday we spent plenty of time playing with the girls !!
Michael and Alexis being a bear !!!
and them playing around....
Sophia had fun playing around too....
Me holding Alexis, Michael, and Stacey holding Sophia....
Michael holding Alexis, Stacey holding Sophia, and Mrs. Daffin
I did not get any pictures of me with Alexis, which is quite funny considering that she was connected to my hip the ENTIRE weekend.. She was always asking for "Dessa"... "Where is Dessa"... And to be honest, I loved every second of it...
It was so much fun spending time with the girls.. We love them very much and do not get to see them often enough. Hopefully their next move will be much closer.. We are wanting all the cousins to play together.. How much fun !!