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Monday, November 29, 2010

50 FREE Holiday Cards from Shutterfly

I know..I know..It has been awhile.. Let's just be honest,
I got a little overwhelmed with the amount of pictures I took and needed to post..
But I am BACK.. And I would like to start with a bang..
50 Free Shutterfly Christmas Cards!
And check out my Christmas ANGEL! How can I not do Christmas cards with a child that cute...
I have always used Vista Print in the past for all my Christmas Cards and everyone knows I am a Snapfish Junkie, but hey I don't HATE.. Shutterfly and Free sound good to me!
And they have some SUPER Cute Choices....
Here are a few that I love!
Check out the other cute options:
Let me recommend the folded cards.. They are my favorite!
Now of course I am not using either of these, because.. well we all know I have WAY more than 1 or 2 pictures of my precious boy I need to show off. AND I can't tell you which I am gonna use..That needs to be a surprise!
If you are like me 50 will just not do, but it is a great start.. So I will get my free 50 and pay for the rest.. Who knows I may even see what else I can put my sweet Cooper's face on!
I am all about the calenders... check them out:
So if this is something you are interested in and WHY would you not be..
Follow this link...

It is nice and easy.. and FREE!
SO... Happy Christmas Card Shopping!
***I am having trouble with some of my links . If you are to, then just copy and paste.. That will get you there too!