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Thursday, February 26, 2009

It May Be Normal To You !!

What may be normal to one is YUCK to another !!!!

Lately it has come out in discussion that there are some "normal" foods that I do not like at all !!! So since this is my blog, I have decided to just come out and give ya'll a list.. This way next time you will not look at me like I am crazy when I say I do not like this certain food that you love !!

1) Ketchup: You read it right.. No need to reread !!! I love my best friend, Rachael Kellis Hamilton, but I feel that this all stems back to her.. She LOVES the stuff. So much that in college she use to eat it plain with a fork when we went out to dinner. Now I never liked it very much, but since that period of us living together... Well that did it for me.. But hook a girl up with some Honey Mustard !!!

2) Donuts: My mother says it is UnAmerican !!! I do not care what it is.. Just the smell of them makes me.. bluh.... As a child after every sleepover the parents would "surprise" all us girls with donuts for breakfast.. I would wake up to that smell... Not at my spend the night parties though!! UnAmerican or Not.... YUCK !!!!!

3) Regular Coke: I do not like the taste of regular coke..never have and never will.. I think I get this from my mother. She loves Diet Coke and drinks it all the time.. We grew up only having diet in our house, so I guess that it all I ever acquired a taste for. No regular for me, but I love me some Diet Coke !!!

4) Doritos: I am sorry Hal and all other Momma G fans, but not even your famous Nacho Doritos make them taste good to me.. I will admit, it has alot to do with the smell. While working at my gym in Montgomery the kids would buy them and eat them right before practice. Then their breathe would have that after smell.. Between the kickin breathe smell and how they make your fingers all yuck and yellowy-orange... No thank you !!!

5) Ranch Dressing: Do you people know that there is a whole world of other dressing outside of ranch ???? And trust me.. they taste much better.. One of my sorority sisters ate her pizza with ranch !!! I am not sure where it all went bad with this one, but it did... Once again.. I am a Honey Mustard girl.. I think I eat that like the rest of the world eats ranch, on EVERYTHING !!

6) Salt and Pepper: Now if I am cooking and the recipe calls for a pinch here and a pinch there.. that is one thing.. But taking a bottle and dumping the stuff right on your food..... I can taste a strong pepper or strong salt taste at first bite... No thank you.. Plus people salt is bad for you !!! (i know so is cookie dough, but we are not talking about that)

7) Honey Buns/Pastries: No doubt I love me some sweet stuff..I can slap go through a huge bag of Sour Patch Kids like it is nothing. But there is just something about Honey Buns and anything like them, yuck !!! For breakfast I think I will stick with plain ole' Kellogg's, thank you very much!!

Do you care what "normal" foods I do not like.. Probably not, but that is why this is call "Perfectly Pink", my blog.. not yours.. And anyway.. this way next time you will not look at me like I am crazy when you ask if I would like a Donut covered with Ketchup dipped in Ranch with Salt and Pepper sprinkled on top.. and I say....

YUCK !!!!!!!

Friday, February 20, 2009

Renewing My Faith ?????

Well I have never tried to hide it... I am just not a big fan of Valentine's Day... Let me explain why.... It has become a day where the man must buy his women flowers, chocolate, and whatever else the tv says is a must buy for that year.. I do not know about you..... But I would rather Michael get me flowers because he WANTS to.. not because he HAS to.... with that being said.... if Valentine's Day came and went and Michael didn't acknowledge it, I would be sad.. What a catch twenty two for him... Another reason... It is such a female day.. But you must get him something too.. This is always hard for me... I don't know... another Auburn something or another just does not say Valentine's Day to me !!
Which brings us to Valentine's Day 2009.... What a great day... Did it renew my faith in the day... NO... but it was a great day and Michael made it very special...
It started off with Michael getting up early and going to get me all shades of pink roses and breakfast.. Nothing says love that 2 for $2 McDonald's in bed...
Before getting ready we played with the pups a little.
Michael cuddling with Kenzie !!

Shug and Kenzie loving on each other....

What better way to spend Valentine's Day then in Auburn !!! The first thing we did was eat lunch at one of my favorite restaurants.. If you remember Amsterdams was in my Crazy 8. And yes I did order the Turkey Wrap, Sweet Potato Chips, with extra honey mustard.. YUM YUM !!

Then it was off to all the bookstores and a few little boutiques..... And you know we went to Auburn Art.. "our favorite".. our goal is to have one of everything in that store.. We have awhile to go !!!
Here is Michael in front of the big J&M !!

Yep that is me in front of Anders Bookstore !!!

At 4:00 the Auburn Men played Miss State in Basketball.

Michael and I in the arena... We can't wait for our new Basketball Arena to be finished !!

Coach Lebo talking with one of his players..

Whats going on Aubie?????

It was a great game and even better because Auburn Won !!!

I couldn't have a thought of a better way to spend Valentine's Day !!!! Maybe spending Valentine's Day in Auburn is not perfect for everybody, but it is for us !!!
Just a little side note for my girls...... Heartstrings is closing.. You read that right.... Almost everything was 40% off. I got a few things, but there were so many people in there.. a little too crazy for me... So next time you go, Heartstrings will be gone, but Wrapsody is opening a store in its place.. Yep our Wrapsody in Hoover !!!!
Hope everybody had a great Valentine's Day.. But no way was it as great as OURS !!!!

Monday, February 16, 2009

Ladies Retreat

Ladies Retreat was held in Springville, AL. this year.. So Jade, Maghan, and I all headed out in Cortney's car on Friday afternoon. It was a weekend full of fun girl time and wonderful speakers. The theme this year was THS (True Homewood Stories).. Which means we got to hear some wonderful women from our church tell their stories of the hardships they have been through in their lives.
Friday night after dinner and our speaker we changed into our PJ's and got ready for some good ole' fashion fun !!! Our group of friends play "catch phrase" all the time, but this time we got some of the other women of the church involved.. I think they are hocked too !!
Me, Cortney, and Jade as we were getting ready to play some games.

Whitney and Rachel

You know there is a story behind this picture... Too bad you weren't there!!

My girls in our PJ's !!

Back Row L-R: Maghan, Whitney, Rachel, Jade, and Kinnery
Front Row L-R: Lanie, Me, Cortney, and Ashley

Beverly and Vonya dressed as Bible Beating Church Ladies. They were explaining to us about the "evil piece of string worn in your britches".... They were in owe that even church women wear a "thung".....

Then they showed us what underwear good ole' Christian Women should wear !! Wow aren't those HOT !!!!
Ladies ya'll are looking down right nice in those Christian Panties.. And yes there to the right is an elders wife !! Love it !!

After laughing and laughing at Beverly and Vonya we were broken into groups. We were giving newspaper, duct tape, and scissors and told to make an outfit for a fashion show.. Who would have guessed my group had pink duct tape... The bow was made by me and was my idea... So was the monogram "J" for Jesus !!!!! And you know we won !!

All the Ladies after the "Fashion Show"

We had a blast and I am SO glad I went.. I roomed with Cort, Jade, and Whitney... Minus the fact that my bunk bed squeaked with every move I made, it worked out great... We went to sleep still laughing from an oldie but goodie game of "Would you rather?" If you didn't go, you missed out !! Can't wait till next year !!!

Friday, February 13, 2009

Whitney's Baby Shower

A few Tuesday evenings ago a few of us hosted a baby shower for Whitney. Maghan hosted it a her house and everyone ending us having a great time.

All of the hostesses with Whitney !!
Back Row: Ashley, Jamie, Whitney, Bethany, Martina, Laura
Front Row: Maghan, Rachel, and Me

The food was great and everything looked beautiful. Ashley made the little cute blue white chocolates and Laura made an awesome cake.

Whitney and I as we were about to play some games.

Whitney, Sarah, and Ashley enjoying all the wonderful food.

Martina, Laura, Bethany, Jamie, and Rachel with Baby Colton !!

Whitney looking through one of the baskets full of goodies that the hostesses gave her.

Rachel made a wreath... How cute is it !!

Maghan made a frame for Baby Hardy. It looked so good !!

Sarah made Baby Hardy an airplane blanket.. It was so cute and will keep him very warm.

Whitney got some great stuff. We have so many talented friends that made all sorts of stuff for the shower and for the baby. Unfortunately I am just not that talented, but I did make the punch.. And if I say so myself... it was very tasty !!!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

25 Random Things About ME !!

With my "new thing" facebook.... I was tagged by a few friends for "25 Random Things about Me". So I decided to add this to my blog too. I mean yes Facebook is fun and all, but my blog is my first love !!
1) I am obsessed with the color pink and I am ok with that.
2) I know more about Auburn Football than most guys.
3) I think that the movie "Varsity Blues" is a classic, even with its bad southern accents, predictable endings, and whip cream bikinis.
4) I can spend hours and hours talking with my girlfriends and it only feel like minutes.
5) If I could go back and re-live one day, it would be my Wedding Day. It was Perfect!
6) I wonder why more people have not seen the movie "Shag"!
7) I sometimes think that I was really born to live in 1950's wearing a poodle skirt and shagging the night away (dance) or the 1850's being a Southern Belle living on a Southern Plantation wearing a hoop skirt.
8) I am scared to death to turn 30 !!
9) I know I look better with a tan and feel better too.
10) In my mind my brother will always be 3 and it is crazy that he is about to turn 17.
11) I love the fact that I can smell certain things and even if only for a moment it can bring me back in time.
12) Motown and Beach Music is what I grew up on and to me it is music for the soul.
13) "The Temptations" is my favorite band and "Ain’t Too Proud Too Beg", "Sitting On The Dock Of The Bay", and "I Love Beach Music" are my favorite songs.
14) I love my job.. I am doing what I have always wanted to do.
15) I wear flip flops year around.
16) Getting to the beach around 9:30 and staying until the sun goes down sound like a perfect day to me.
17) I feel that if it can be monogrammed than it needs to be.
18) The best decision I ever made was getting baptized and giving my life to GOD !!
19) I wear cute PJ’s to bed, no oversized t-shirts for this girl.
20) My husband is so much like my dad it is scary.
21) I love my blog. It is the perfect thing for me.
22) Not only have I sky-dived, but I did flips out of the plane.
23) Southern Manners is a must for me.
24) I am certain that God has a plan for me.
25) I am pretty certain that I have OCD about.... everything!! But absolutely certain I have it regarding my house being clean.
***** I may not always give it, but I have an opinion about everything. Which is why coming up with only 25 things was hard. I could go on and on.
I tag:
Cortney, Ashley C., Laura D., Holly H., and Tesney !!!
Ya'll Pass it On !!!

Crazy 8 Revised

So I need to revise my "Crazy 8"!!!!! After reading some other blogs I was reminded of one of my favorite restaurants in Birmingham.. O'Carrs... How could I forget about that Chicken Salad Plate and Olive Cream Cheese.. So Diplomat Deli even though I enjoy you alot, Your out and O'Carrs is in !!!

And about those Wishes.... Coming up with 8 was hard.. And how dumb was I not to wish for more wishes !!! But the past is the past.. So my revised wishes are as follows (not sure which ones I am taking away yet)
1) To be able to eat whatever tickles my fancy, not work out a day in my life... And be the same weight I was the day I got married with gravity never taking over !!!
Now I feel better and I am ready to move past this Crazy 8 thing !!

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Has Hell Frozen Over ???

Do tell me... Has hell frozen over ???
It must have, because the day has come !! The day that I said would never be !!
I have always said there should be a age limit for facebook.. In my mind there is an unwritten one !! I was never exactly sure what that age was, but I knew I was over it !! So begins my story !!!
Lately I have been getting more and more emails from friends to "join" their facebook page.. In the past I have deleted these and moved on !! But this past Saturday I decided I do want to see pictures.. That is right.. It's all about the pictures. So I thought I would just sign up, look at pictures, and no one would ever know about it !!!! So I signed up.. answered a few questions.... put in the email and other "must haves".. Loaded a picture.. Good to go !! Quickly I had a few friends.. Pretty cool !! I was about to met Cortney, so I left the computer and did not think much more about it.. UNTIL !!!!! I got home and checked my email..... 72 NEW EMAILS !! Wha wha wha..WHAT !!!! All from Facebook... So I logged on.. 54 new friends.. WELL THERE GOES THE... "no one knowing about this".. Ends up when I put in my email, it emailed an "invite" out to everyone on my email list... So I must apologize to my Grandparents.. Aunts and Uncles who have no clue what facebook is, DJ from my wedding almost 6 years, and any other random person that facebook emailed !! My face turns red with embarrassment just thinking about it...
Moral of this story.... well there are a few...
1) Stuff like this, you can not just sign up for and no one know about it..
2) I can not do anything on facebook without everyone on facebook knowing about... "Jessa just signed up.. Jessa added a picture.. Jessa added her school"... Jessa just wanted to look at pictures !!!
3) Maybe I should have read more carefully as I was "answering" the questions and adding my email.
4) Before pushing the continue button.. READ !!!!
So in conclusion... I am now on Facebook !!!
I have decided to embrace this !!
With that said... If I am not your friend already...
What are you waiting for ??