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Sunday, May 10, 2009

Friday, April 24th.. Well that was suppose to be signing day... And no we are not talking football here.. Signing day for our new home, but because of RBC bank ( a story that is way too long to tell on here), well that did not happen. And then because of another woman from another bank that worked her butt off that weekend.. We closed the next Monday.
Monday, April 27.... Signing Day !!
This house has great bones, but as you can tell by the WAY overgrown trees and bushes in the front.. it needs some TLC.. Ok a lot of TLC !!
We have big.. I mean BIG plans for remodeling !!
Can't wait to post before and after pictures...
Welcome to Hoover Jessa and Michael !!!!

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

I Use To Be SO 2008 !!

I came to the realization on Sunday evening that my blog was SOOO 2008 !! I hate to admit it, but I was "OLD SCHOOL"!! And here I was thinking I was SO Blog Savy !!
Hello.. Welcome to 2009 Jessa !!!!
Yes I know what you are thinking.. "What is she talking about"... Ok here it goes.... My name is Jessa and everyday when I check blogs.................. I click on them one at a time to see if they have been update !!
UHHH the gasp I just received !!!!
But I have been shown the error of my way by wonderful Lifegroup blogging buddies.. Thank you girls for saving me more time than I would like to admit !!
So I am now "Following" Blogs.. Oh the time it will save just to go to my dashboard and look !!!
It would be even better if it was like facebook and emailed me everytime someone blogged.. Maybe that will be for 2010 !!
Check the left side of my blog out ------->
I have added "People Who Love what I have to Say" !! Kind of Humorous if you ask me !!
So now that I am following your blog.. I find it necessary for you to follow mine !!
So get to it and be adding yourself pronto !!
disclaimer: ok so I have not "officially" added myself to follow ALL of your blogs yet, but I am getting there. This takes time you know !!