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Monday, June 29, 2009

Cookie Dough Gooey Dessert

On Saturday Night at SawGrass I made my Cookie Dough Gooey Dessert. This is a HIT out of the park every time I make it. From the sounds everyone was making while eating it, well I would say it did not let me down at SawGrass. I decided to share this recipe with the blogging world, the only catch is: to you it needs to be called "Jessa's Cookie Dough Gooey Dessert"... Yes I know a little wordy, but that is the deal.. take it or leave !! When it comes to cooking I don't have much, but I am proud of this one !! Sure I got it out of a cooking book, but I got it (meaning it's mine) !!
Quick warning: It looks good and smells even better, but don't put too much on your plate at first. It is WOW rich !!
Cookie Dough Gooey Bars:
2 (8 oz.) choc chip cookie dough rolls
1 (8 oz.) container of cream cheese (softened)
3/4 cup of sugar
1 egg
1 teaspoon of vanilla extract
* After spraying pan (9 x13) with pam spread 1 entire roll of cookie dough on the entire bottom.
* Mix cream cheese, sugar, egg, and vanilla. Mix good (I do not beat it, I usually just stir real good with spoon)
* Pour Mix over Cookie Dough
* Take other roll of cookie dough. Break into pieces, flattened with hands, and place over mix. The mix will be mostly covered, but not entirely. That is ok so the mix can come through a little.
* Cook at 350'
* The directions say to cook for 30 min. I usually set my timer for 20 minutes and watch it after that. I usually end up cooking it for around 25 minutes total. it all depends on how gooey you want them.
* Let sit for awhile to settle and cool..
* Best to serve with spoon and eat with spoon.
Even Mr. Pillsbury himself would like this one !!
Enjoy and share it (it is worth it)

Sunday, June 28, 2009

SawGrass 2009.. Part 2.. Saturday Night Poker and Dominos

While fishing Michael got a crawfish. While our dinner was on the grill he decided to throw the crawfish on too. After it was finished, he looked at it for a few good minutes and debated about whether he should eat it or not. Finally he just went for it.. Result = he said it was good !!Michael and I

Getting ready for poker !!
Sunglasses are a much once the sun goes down and you are playing poker !!
Louisiana Point.. Sawgrass Style !!

Paul, Hal, Jared, Justin, John, Shaun, and Michael
SunGlasses on and Ready to Play !
While the guys were in one room with their poker, the girls were in the other with a mean and LONG game of Mexican Train Dominos (so addictive)

Lori, Rachel, Maghan, Me, Sarah, Whitney, and Ashley
I was not doing so hot, so out came the "Rally Cap" !!

Rachel and Jared

John.. this picture straight cracks me up !!
Whitney and Justin (you can tell how excited Justin is about this picture)
Good ole fashion SawGrass group photo !!
Whitney and Justin, Maghan and Hal, Michael and I, Lori and John, Shaun and Ashley, Jared and Rachel, Paul and Sarah !!
Our 2009 SawGrass Group... We hate that there were a few families in our lifegroup that could not make it. Ya'll were missed !!
And you know we had to get in a few crazy pictures !! How old is to old to do silly pictures.. I hope we are no where close !
A BIG thanks to Rachel and Jared for hosting us at SawGrass. Like always it was a blast. We made many fun new memories to add to all the others !! Can't wait to do it again !!

Thursday, June 25, 2009

SawGrass 2009.. Part 2. Saturday Outdoors Fun

Saturday morning was rainy and yuck. Perfect !! We slept in and ate two wonderful breakfast casseroles. After eating we decided to dive right into playing Mexican Domino's. Let the game begin !!
Maghan, Me, and Sarah
Ashley, Lori, and Rachel
After pouring down rain all morning.. the sun came out around 2:00. Maghan, Ashley, and I all decided to layout.
While Whitney, Rachel, Sarah, and Lori all rode horses. Here they are after their ride.

The guys went fishing and did other "guy things" throughout the day.
Justin and Michael.. aren't they super cool ??
Lori, Hal, Maghan, and Whitney hanging out later in the afternoonThe guys shot skeet and we decided to have some good ole fashion photo fun with all the guns !!
Please.. How could we not.. This screams GANGSTA !!!
Oh yea.. that is my man !!!!

Shaun, Paul, Hal, Michael, Jared, John, and Justin

Rachel, Lori, Me, Whitney, Maghan, Ashley, and Sarah
**notice the gun "hidden" in my towel.. Seriously, how bad am I !!!
Michael and I

Saturday night still to come.. I took some serious pictures during this trip !!

Sunday, June 21, 2009

SawGrass 2009.. Part 1... Grillin' and Eatin' !!

Last Weekend our lifegroup headed out to SawGrass.. aka Rachel's families hunting land.. We take a trip out every year for horseback riding, muddin', grillin, games.. all in all just a whole lot a relaxing, hanging with your friends FUN !!
Even though it is hot as the dickins I love everyone sitting outside, grilling, and hanging out !! Perfect for SummerTime and perfect way to start our SawGrass Weekend!!
What's for Dinner ??
Beer Chicken !!
And alot of it !!!!
Could not turn down this photo opportunity !! Thank goodness Maghan, who is yes pregnant, was just holding someone else's wine and those matches were for the grill !!! But still funny !!

L to R
Sarah, Me, Lori, Ashley, Whitney, and Maghan !!
(I think Rach was helping the guys with the grill)
Maghan and I decided to help Whit out with her "gangsta photo look"
Picture #1

Not too bad, but loose the thumb !!!
Picture #2

NO !!!!! and add some lean....
After a few more tries we got this one !!!
Much better !!!! Whit is so gangsta !!!
Maghan and Rachel
Shaun and John
Whit was taking pictures EVERYTHING.. After she deleted many of them, she put the rest on Snapfish for us.. all 202 of them !!!!
Hanging Out !!

Whit, Maghan and Myself... This picture was much better, but not as funny, as the one from Girls Night Out.. (see previous post).. Did I miss the white shirt memo ??
After eating everyone surprised me with a cookie cake and sang "Happy Birthday"
I took this picture to make sure I had a picture on my camera !!

How great are the matches.. I mean candles... Birthday Cake SawGrass Style.. Love it !!

And that was just Friday Night !!!

Saturday Fun Coming Soon !!! I know you are sitting on the edge of your sit !!

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Seriously !!

** WARNING ** If you helped us move in... you may not want to read !!!
We were so blessed and got my grandparents old washer and dryer.. And let me tell you it Rocked.. But it had a few years on it (to say the least)..
At first we were planning to leave the the old W/D for the tenants at our house in Helena. But we were told they did not need it, so with us it went.
The old dryer was heavy, but it did not hold a candle to the washer.. so I was told, I just watched the guys move it.. But up the front steps and up to the 2nd floor it went..
Soon after this is when the dryer starting taking 5+ hours(usually +) to dry a load.
Time for a new W/D !!
After looking around and doing some research we decided on a Samsong with no pedestals. I like to have the space above the W/D to fold clothes !!
Here is our new washer and dryer !!
I tried hard.. real HARD from them to throw in the Dyson for free. I told them.. "Throw in the Dyson and you have yourself a deal".. They laughed in my face !! I guess the economy is not THAT bad.. But you got to give a girl some credit for trying.. Trying HARD !!!
Even without throwing in the Dyson they still had a deal..
We are the proud new owners of a Samsong Washer and Dryer !!!
And I feel like I have been doing laundry ever since it was delivered !!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Shug Turns 2 !!

A few Saturdays again in May it was Shug's 2nd birthday.. So we decided to spend it family style !!
A little over 2 years ago Michael and one of his old co-workers from Charter were talking. They also had cocker spaniels and one conversation lead to another. We decided to breed Kenzie with their black and white cocker named Buddy !
Kenzie ended up having 4 puppies although one did not make it. Buddy's owners decided to get their pick of the liter instead of a Stud Fee. They choose the black, white, and tan little girl and named her Trinity. We picked the only boy of the group and as you know named him Shug. The other Black little girl was sold to another lady that worked at Charter.
Buddy does "Fly Ball" which is pretty much a dog competition where dogs race down and get a ball. Well there is a little more to it, but you get the point. Trinity is also into Fly Ball and is doing very well.
On this particular Saturday we went to cheer Buddy and Trinity on !!
Getting a "Family Picture" was HARD !! But I think we got some good ones.
Buddy, Trinity, Kenzie and Shug
I love this picture because Trinity and Kenzie are giving each other some sugar !!Michael with the boys !!
Michael, Buddy, and Shug
Me with the girls !!
Me, Kenzie, and Trinity
Looking at this picture is crazy !! Trinity looks SO much like Buddy. She is small like Kenzie, but her coloring is Buddy, even down to the black dot on the butt !
Kenize, Shug, and I waiting for the races to begin !!
Michael and Kenzie cheering on Buddy and Trinity !!

Kenzie and Shug
A BIG Happy 2nd Birthday to both Shug and Trinity !!