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Sunday, August 31, 2008

My Favorite Things About Summer !!

In the words of Jessica Andrew's Song "I'm Just a Summer Girl"
I'm just a summer girl
I wear my flip flops
When I let my hair down
(That's when the party starts)(The party never stops)
I love every season of the year, but it is no secret that summer is my favorite. As I said in my last post, the only thing that makes it ok that summer has ended is Football Season. And with the first game of the year, marks the end of summer (at least to me). So with summer coming to a close I decided to list my 10 favorite things about summer. This are in no particular order, that would be way to hard.
1) THE BEACH: The beach is my favorite place to be in the world. And although the beaches of Jamaica, The Caymans, and other places we have been are beautiful... Destin will always be my favorite. No lie I could stay from sunset to sundown.. and during family vacations this year I did just that many times.
2) GOING HOME: Lucky for me #1 and #2 go hand in hand. I love going home during the summer. Home just happens to be Destin, Florida. It is always so relaxing and so much fun to spend time with my family. My father and I are both early risers and always get up before everyone. So we usually spend this time talking just us two. My mother happens to love to shop just as much as me. So that is always on the list of things to do. Between going to the beach, shopping, and eating wonderful seafood, how could this not be a favorite thing of mine. Throw in doing all of this with my family and it may just be #1 on my list!!!
3) THE SMELL OF SUNSCREEN: This may the one where you officially realize I am crazy (if you have not already come to that conclusion).
But I love the smell of sunscreen. I suppose that maybe it is not the smell I love so much, but the memories that flood my mind when I smell it. Well for whatever reason it's a favorite.
4) McCABE FAMILY BEACH TRIP: As I blogged about earlier in the summer, my Mother's side of the family takes a beach trip every summer. With our HUGE family, Christmas is always crazy, so this trip is a much more relaxing way for us to spend time together. We are very blessed to have one another and this trip is one I wouldn't miss for the world.
5) HAVING A TAN: Yes I will admit that I do try to have a little color year around, but nothing beats the real thing. There is just something about having a tan, it makes me feel like I look so much better. Clothes look better on me and I feel better about myself. I was born to be tan, very tan. When I am able to be in sun as much as I liked I have the ability to get tan, very tan. My freshman year at Auburn I had such time. As I was walking through campus a young black man stopped me and asked, "Hey Girl, Whatcha be.. Your momma black? Your daddy black?". I guess it was the bleach blond hair, blue eyes, and VERY tanned skin that through him off.
6) SUNDRESSES: As most of you know, I am addicted to sundresses. I love them and wear them all summer long. I do own a few more than a few that are pink (surprise), but White Sundresses are my favorite. Pair that with a great tan and a great pair of sandals and I am ready to go !!

7) SUMMER SHOES: This is a very broad statement. This is everything from a super cute pair of sandals, to flip flops, to plain ole' barefoot (I have thought about this and to answer your question, barefoot is a "summer shoe"). My favorite shoe I got this summer, ok it was a tie.. the tie was between a great pair a white sandals with big silver rings on the top from White House/ Black Market (so much cuter than they sound) and a pair of monogrammed flip flops somewhat like the ones to the left. But mine are so much cuter. My mom order me a pair that are black and white polka dotted with the button in HOT PINK and my initials in black.. A monogrammed, pink, and polka dotted flip flop, I ask you does it get any better than that??
8) LONGER DAYS: I love the fact that during the summer months we have longer days. Since I get out of work later than most, it is nice to have that extra sunshine. On many nights Michael and I will take a long walk through the neighborhood. I really enjoy those times when it is just us spending time together.
9) CRYSTAL LIGHT PINK LEMONADE: I do realize that pink lemonade can be drunken year around, but for some reason it just taste better in the summer. There was a pitcher of this in our frig all summer long. Dare I say better than Diet Coke... definitely better for you.
10) BEACH MUSIC: In the words of the great EMBERS (an oldies band for all those unknown to great music).
I Love Beach Music
I always have and I always will !!!
I was brought up listening to oldies and beach music. I knew this music better than the music of "my day". Beach Music is listened to year around by me, I mean hello my ringtone is "Sitting on the Dock of the Bay". But something about the summer makes "Carolina Girl" and "Sixty Minute Man" sound so much better.
VERY PINK NAIL POLISH: Very true that my nails are some shade (orange/pink for football.. red/pink for Christmas) of pink all the time, but in the summer they are PINKY PINKY.. I am from the school of the brighter the better. Michael is not big fan of my fingernails painted, so I only do this every once in awhile.. But my toenails are always painted, even if you can't see them.. I can !!
NEW ORLEANS TRIP: We go to New Orleans every summer and always have a BLAST.. Yes it is hot as all get out and stinks in most places, but we love it. Summer would not be summer without a trip to New Orleans.
I could go on and on listing my favorite things about summertime, but those are just my top ones. Which brings me to my question:
What is your favorite thing about summer ???

Saturday, August 30, 2008

Are you ready for some FOOTBALL ???

Are you ready for some Football.... Some Auburn Tiger Football?????
To answer that question.. HECK YEA !!!!!!
The only thing that can make me ready for summer to be over is..... FOOTBALL SEASON.. We live, eat, and breathe, Football in our house. Especially AUBURN football.
So as today Saturday, August 30, marks the start of AUBURN football... I ask you.... ARE YOU FOR SOME FOOTBALL ?????
After today many pictures and much talk on my blog will revolve around this sport that I love..
I have added a few pictures from last football season, but many more from this season to come. And in case you are wondering it is all about the football, but if you think for one minute that style (aka what is worn to the game) is not mucho important... than think again.. Just ask my tailgating girls... Maghan and Brooke, can I get a AMEN !!!!

I got sick of going to everyone else's blog and hearing the awful noise of other team's fight songs.. So Michael helped me not only add THE AUBURN FIGHT SONG, but also a few others that we love which our band plays. side note: Livin' on a Prayer is added to my "football season playlist". You may think this has nothing to do with Auburn Football, but oh my grasshopper how wrong you are. In 2006 Florida came to Jordan-Hare and it was a night game. To make a long story short it was a GREAT game and we won. Towards the end our band played this song and everyone started singing. If you go back and watch the game, everyone sang so loud that you can hear it.. It was AWESOME !!!

Now I got to go start getting ready for the game.. And yes, I already know what I am wearing.. And in case you are wondering.... of course I will look cute !!!! I know my AUBURN STYLE (I plan for it year around)

WAR EAGLE !!!!!!!

Friday, August 29, 2008


The Olympics were made for someone like me.. Someone with a HIGHLY competitive spirit and a love of ones country. USA USA USA !!! I can honestly say that our family got into the Olympics this summer. Everything from the AWESOME opening ceremonies to the Medals, we loved it !!!

Even Shug and Kenzie got into the Spirit and showed some USA love. As you can tell they just LOVED their new hats.

Like most of America and the rest of the world, we loved watching Michael Phelps go for all EIGHT GOLD MEDALS !! Every time he swam I was on the edge of my seat, we didn't miss a one. He is an unbelievable athlete and I am very happy for him.. I am glad he was swimming for my team and not another's.

Surprise Surprise I was glued to the TV every time the Women's Gymnastics was on. USA had a very talented Gym team that was unfortunately pledged by injuries. Even with the amount of injuries we had, TEAM USA still won the SILVER !!! WAY TO GO GIRLS !! (side note for all you haters out there... Even if Alicia Sacramone would not fallen the USA still would have not won the Gold. China's scores were to0 high)
Now I will admit that Nastia Liukin did had a look on her face almost the entire time that said something like.... "I am way to good for this and way better the you". But come people.. she did win the All-Around GOLD!!! Honestly I could have done without "the look", but what can I say she won me over with the PINK LEOTARD !!!!

Now Shawn Johnson on the other hand was MY GIRL !!! I loved her.. Her bubbly attitude and continuous smile on her face was great.. I am feeling the bubbly attitude girl !! Now if you just would have worn a pink leotard it would have been perfect. WAY TO GO for the GOLD on the balance beam, I was cheering for you !!!

I loved the Olympics so much that I was one of the crazy people checking the Internet all day and reading stories on the athletes. This got me thinking.. Is Silver/second always first loser ??? With the Olympic games I do not think so. Each individual went to Beijing with specific goals. Some were to win the Gold, some were to medal, others were just to make it to the finals.. I read way to many stories of athletes from smaller countries that were just happy to be there. As awesome as the stories of Michael Phelps winning the 8 Golds are, I think there is more to learn from this than that. I love the story I read about through my friend Lori's blog. The one about Samia Yusuf Omar from Somalia. She did not win the Gold, in fact she was not even close. She actually came in last. She was so far behind that the audience had started to get up and leave. But once she was noticed they cheered her on to the finish. The article about this women said it perfectly....
She came and went from Beijing largely unnoticed, but may have been the most dignified example these Olympics could offer."
Congratulations to all the Athletes of the 2008 Summer Olympics.

After all is said in done the USA came out on top of the Medal Count. Final count was:
Flag of United States
Flag of China

Yes I did say that there was more to these Olympics than who is first, but I also said that I am a highly Competitive person !!!! USA USA USA !!!!

Colton West Penter is HERE !!!

Colton West Penter was born on Thursday, August 14th. He was born via C-Section at 4:37pm. He was 7 pounds and 15 ounces.

Cortney and I stopped by the hospital on Friday to see the new happy family.

I was so happy to be able to hold him.

Michael and I stopped by this past Saturday to bring the Penters dinner. We were able to stay awhile to talk and hold Colton.

Colton was so good and let both Michael and I hold him the entire time we were there.
Everyone is doing great and Colton is a beautiful baby. He is a great addition to our lifegroup !!

CONGRATULATIONS Martina and Camron !!!!!!!

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Dinner with Friends !!

Last Friday night we had dinner with our friends Rachel and Jared Woodward.. We ate at Macaroni Grill then headed over to Ben & Jerry's for some ice cream.

Michael and I with our ice cream and smoothie !!! Ben & Jerry's is so good !

We had a great time and between the Italian and ice cream, we ate way too much !!!

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Football Kickoff Grill Out !!

A few Saturday nights ago our friend Brooke Cameron had a Football Kick-off Grill Out.. It was a mix of her Auburn Friends and her Church Friends. It was a great way to see many of our tailgating friends and meet some new people.
Here is Brooke singing to the Radio !!!
Maghan, Hal, me, and Michael as we were watching Michael Phelps winning one of his many Gold Medals !!!

Maghan and me outside as the guys were grilling

What's Up Hal !!!!

We had a great time and seeing everyone and it made me very ready for Football Season.. I can't wait to tailgate !!!!

Friday, August 22, 2008

Objects on Half.com may be smaller than they appear !!

A little back when I got home one night Michael was very proud of himself. He had found the book that he had been looking for on Half.com.. The best part was that he got it for a little over $7.. and that included shipping & handling !! He then went onto tell me that to be far (got to love Dave Ramsey and the budget) that I could also buy a book.. BUT it had to be around $7.. A book for $7 on Half.com, No Problem.. Then he said.. including shipping and handling.. Now that might be a little harder, but I considered this a challenge.. And it was a shopping challenge, my specialty !!! Now you may not know this, but I love to shop and not to boost... but I am great at it !!! So.... Game On !!! I had done a little shopping around when his book came in the mail.. The book up top left is his "Proud a little over $7 including Shipping & Handling" Book !!! I busted out laughing.... After I took the picture I realized you can't tell anything from it.. So I got out our Milk Carton.. Now everyone knows how big a milk carton is... So then I took the second picture !!! Now you see why I was laughing so hard !!! And now you are laughing so hard to !!!
NO wonder it was only $7 !! And in my opinion $7 may have been a little too much !!!

Continuing on my search for the "a little over $7 book" I went to Books A Million yesterday. And found my book. Sandra Brown is my favorite Murder Suspense writer (she is the best), but I have read everything she has written. Well she has started re-printing some of her first novels. And I found them.

Now you may not be able to tell but my book does say "Three Complete Novels in One Book".. Wow and check out my book compared to the milk carton !!!
My book verses Michael's !!!
I will admit that my book was "a little over $8", but throw in the price of the magnifying glass that we will have to buy for Michael to read his book and I think I am the winner (Yes this was a contest).. In the words of my wonderful husband .........
Hey Michael...... YOU CAN'T SEE ME !!!!!!!

Challenge Buy a Book for around $7 plus shipping and handling.....


Friday, August 15, 2008

Martina's Shower and Lifegroup in the Park

On July 26, Jamie, Cortney, and I hosted a Baby Shower for Martina. The shower was held at Cortney's house and was a great time for our lifegroup girls and other church friends to get together.

Martina and I

I made the flower arrangement for the table. I love the letters that I found.. CWP is Coltons initials. The food table.. Yum Yum the food was good !!
We played a few fun games. One game we each got to tear off as many squares of toilet paper that we thought could perfectly fit around Martina's belly.. Some people were close and some.. not so close at all !!!
Not to mention any names.... RACHEL.. was not so close.. As you can tell, the amount of toilet squares she chose fit around more than twice !!!

Maghan almost got it !!

Rachel did a lot better in the dirty diaper game.. (thank goodness it was not a real dirty diaper, only a melted candy bar) Rachel and Bethany were the last two girls left playing "pass the dirty diaper". Think "hot potato" !!!!
Martina got some really cute stuff. Cortney and I got her a diaper bag. I think it turned out super cute.. Cortney gets all the credit for picking that out.. Good job Cort !!!

On Sunday, August 3 we had a combined Lifegroup in the park. As I have said before that our lifegroup "multiplied" into two groups. But because we are so close we try to get together at least once a month. This month we grilled out at Homewood Park..

Justin looks very excited about this picture !!! Thanks for the smile Justin !!

Some of us girls catching a picture for the blog !!
Top: me, Rachel, Lanie Bottom: Lora, Maghan, Cortney, and Heather

We were blessed enough to have our preacher, Craig Kelley, come to speak to us !! As you might have read on one or two of our lifegroup blogs.... we are very blessed to have each other and are very good friends. Craig wanted to remind us how many Non-Christians there are in Birmingham.. We have multiplied once, but we need to keep inviting friends and share this great thing we have in our lives. If we keep on growing we could be multiplying again soon.. And as hard as that might be.. it is a great thing !!

This last picture is my favorite.. With the sun as a background, Craig standing and speaking, and our best friends in Birmingham huddled around to listen !! This was a great night.... I just love our friends !!! Wow... we are BLESSED !!!!