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Monday, September 27, 2010

Tuesday, May 25th: A Day of Doctor Visits

Tuesday was a full day.
We started the day at Children's Hospital to see the hematologist. This was a check up visit from when he was a newborn and had gotten sick. He was having to get his blood levels checked!
Thank goodness everything went great and his levels were normal. They said we would have to have one more visit to get checked out though.
After Children's we had lunch then headed over to our Pediatrician. We never have to wait long, but we did have a wait to bit. I used this as the perfect time for a mini photo shoot with Daddy and Coop. I took so many and had a ton that turned out really good. Here are some of my favorites!
Coop just looking at Daddy!
I love this picture of Cooper! Look at those eyes!
After I took way too many pictures, it was time to go back!
Dr. Favrot wanted to see us back after we had Coop for a few days to see how he was doing, but also to give him those shots.
I had to give him love, because I knew what was coming!
He had no clue what was about to happen..
He was just looking as cute as can be!The sweet nurse!
Oh my poor baby! This just broke my heart!
He just looked so cute sleeping I took a few more pictures in the car on the way home!
I love the tongue sticking out!
Once we got home I decided to take just a few more before I took him out of his seat!
He looked so peaceful!
Then I saw this face, which I can not help but LOVE!But then it lead to this! Which I do not love..
Do you think it had something to do with the fact that the camera had been in his face ALL DAY long?
No need to worry kid.. You will be use to me taking pictures of you all the time before you know it!

Friday, September 3, 2010

Saturday, May 22, 2010: Meeting More Family!

We had a big day planned for Saturday. We had family coming over to grill out and meet Cooper!
We started our day with Cooper getting his first bath (from us)... Before this he had been getting washcloth baths... we had really needed that bathtub my hostesses gave us!
Michael and I giving Coop his bath!
I have fallen in love with hooded animal towels! Cooper looks so cute in them...
After his bath, Cooper got all dressed up for family.. Kenzie and Shug were still trying to figure him out!
Me, Cooper, Shug, and Granddaddy JB
Uncle MacGranddaddy Mullen (Michael's Dad) holding Cooper for the first time
Daddy sneaking in some kisses
My Maternal Grandparents (Cooper's Great Grandparents) meeting Cooper for the first time. This was a very special moment. I have wanted for so long to give them a Great Grandchild...
Great Grandmother PatPat holding Cooper for the first time. You can see her face how happy she is to be holding him!
Cooper just looked and looked at everybody.... But he was really turning that head to see his Great Granddaddy!
Grandmother PatPat and Granddaddy got us some very special gifts, but my most favorite was the frame....
It says
"We loved you before we knew you-Even when there was just the hope of you-We Loved You!
Yep, I cried when I read that one!
How TRUE that is!
We got a Great-Grand Frame for my Grandparents!
My Momma with her Daddy and her Grandchild!
I love this picture..... 4 Generations
My Momma, My Granddaddy, My Son, and ME!
Granddaddy Mullen with Michael and Cooper
My Family
In between all the visitors and craziness..Michael and Coop snuck in a nap
My Aunt Donna Kay, Cousin Johnny, and Cousin Rhea meeting Cooper
Cooper and I with Rhea
Donna Kay, Grandmother PatPat holding Coop, and Momma
Me with Donna Kay holding Coop
Me, Donna Kay, and Momma
Later in the afternoon the guys decided it was time to break out the "It's a Boy" Cigars!
My Daddy, Michael, Mac, and Mr. Mullen
Mac with his first Cigar!
Light It Up!
Mac and Daddy
The Guys!
As you can tell Saturday was a day filled with family and fun! It was a very special day... but lately they all have been!