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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Wednesday, May 19: Cooper's Gotcha Day!

Let me begin this post by saying.. Let the pictures begin..
If you know me.. You know that I love to take pictures and take lots of them.. Well if think I took lots of pictures before.. That was nothing....
MASSIVE amounts of pictures are about to be posted.
I would love to say I slept like a baby on Tuesday night and woke up well rested... Laugh with me! Yep, we all know better than that! I was SO excited I could hardly stand it.
I woke up bright and early and started to get ready....
Of course, Michael was on the Auburn Message Board... Cooper this is your daddy's favorite place in the house.. In front of the computer in his office!
My mother got into town Tuesday night and helped me finish getting everything ready. She brought loads of stuff. She brought the outfit that Mac came home from the hospital in for us to bring Cooper home in. I thought this was so special!
Shug and Kenzie were still not sure what was happening. We thought we better get one more picture of them.. Who knew when they were gonna be in a picture again!
Michael and I as we were on our way to the agency!
On our way we stopped by and got some flowers to bring the birth mother.
We were suppose to be there at 10:00 am... We were a little early.
Rick and Susan were there waiting on us. We waited in Rick's office for the birth mother to bring Cooper into to us.
We gave someone our camera and I told them to shoot, shoot, shoot.. They did...
Due to the fact that this on the web I have decided to leave out all pictures that include the birth mother. But trust me when I say she is a wonderful young women who will always be our hero!
I wish I could explain how I felt as I saw her walking towards us with Cooper.
5 years worth of emotions, desires, wants, and God's promises all rolled into one!
This was a moment I wanted to remember for the rest of my life!
I wanted to remember everything about it...
Here she is handing Cooper over to us!
Michael's smile, My tears......they say it all!
We just looked at him and looked at him..
He was all ours!
After awhile I asked to take him back to change him. When the birth mother saw the outfit I had she said, "Oh No.. You are putting him in THAT". All I could say was "Yes" with a huge smile!
Once I changed him we took more FAMILY pictures. The birth mother had brought her camera too.. She asked to take our picture. I guess my hair was pushed back, because she said, "Wait". And came up to me and pulled my hair in front and said, "I have told everyone about your hair".
That really made me smile!
His little bitty, lovely feet!
The way he looked at us that day was priceless.... It really was like he was thinking, "Where have y'all been? I have been waiting on you!"Us signing the paperwork!
Putting Coop in his car seat for the first time!
Our family walking out of the agency and on our way home!
Cooper had 2 grandmothers that were there waiting!
On our way home I sat in the back with Cooper. I took a picture with my phone and texted it to everyone I knew..
He was the most beautiful thing I had every seen and he was ours...
We were on our way home..
All 3 of us!