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Monday, July 20, 2009

Porch People

We are always saying that we never realized how much we would love our back porch. But what can I say, we are porch people. We love them.. Front porches, back porches.. we love them all !! But our furniture was lacking some luster. So I was telling my mom how I wanted new outdoor furniture, but she said we just needed some new cushions with color. And so it began. Wish I had a before picture, but just think boring and you get the idea..
Michael's mother bought us these beautiful outdoor plants as a house warming gift. Then we went to World Market and found these cushions and outdoor rug.. Soon after we found a super cool eagle to go back there (picture coming soon) !! Before we knew it, it looked great.. Props to mom for the idea !!
We spend SO much time on our back porch. It is shaded by trees and the house, so it feels great back there. Now if we could just get rid of the mosquitoes it would be perfect..
They eat me alive !!
Watermelon is a summer must for me.. It is my favorite !! I can eat an entire one by myself, but I decide to share with Michael sometimes !!

Kenzie and Shug love the porch too !! But when they are not out there, they can probably be found here !! We have all of these windows at the front of our house and the puppies just sit and look out !! They have found other favorite spots too, but I will post about that later !!
Funny Puppies !!

Friday, July 3, 2009

Just What I Wanted !!

It is hard to say how many hints I dropped about what I wanted for my birthday. I wanted a Dyson. You may remember from my washer and dryer blog that I tried to work one into that price.. But I just did not think I was getting one. I mean lets be honest.. #1 We just bought a new house #2 Dyson's are very pricey #3 I did just get a new vacuum around a year ago. I did not have a lot going for me here.... But I was hopeful !!
On Friday when Michael got home from work.. Before we went to Cort's for our "cookout".. Michael asked if I wanted my gift.. Why do people even ask that question.. Has anyone ever said.. "No I will wait till later".. Not this Girl !!
He handed me my card and said .... "Well I know what you want, but I was just not sure you wanted it for your birthday".. So in the card he wrote...
" This card is good for
1) A New Dyson
2) You may take that money and go on a shopping spree..
As you know Dyson's are pricey little boogers... Everyone told Michael I would take the money, but Michael knows his wifey and told them I would probably take the Dyson.
I did not even think twice.....I chose......
He said that he just did not want me to hold it over his head for the rest of our lives that he gave me a vacuum for my 30th birthday !! But that is just what I wanted !!
We spent all Saturday going from place to place trying to find the best price. Between coupons and places that price match almost everybody had the same price.. We finally bought it from Best Buy !!
And I came straight home and vacuumed my little heart away !!!
I HIGHLY recommend this vacuum. It is very light, moves anywhere, and picks up anything. The suction is great and with two little doggies.. that is a great thing..
So Thank You Michael for knowing me SO well... I love my 30th Birthday Present.
It is just what I wanted !!!

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Surprise For Me !!

June 19th was a Friday.. yep yep that also happens to be my birthday.. Now it is no secret that this is the birthday I have dreading for years now.. The big 3..0.. !!
Earlier in the week Cortney had called to see what were our plans for that night. I told her we would probably go to dinner or something. She asked if we wanted to come over and cookout. I said sure and it was a plan.
I spent that day relaxing.. Going to the pool and such.. Then came home and took my time getting ready. But while at the pool, Michael texted me asking where I wanted to eat that night. I texted back that we were eating at Corts, we had only talked about this a million times over the last few days.. DUH... He then texted back and asked me to call to see if they wanted to go out, maybe to Buffalo Wild Wings. WHAT !! That is such a guy place.... I said NO.. Number 1 that is no where I wanted to eat for my birthday and Number 2.. how rude would that have been.. no way was that even an option. Now I thought this was weird, Michael is always all about what I want to do for my birthday. I called Cort to see if she had talked with Michael because he was acting so weird. She was a wonderful actress and played it off.
Once Michael got home he was complaining like crazy about going over to Cort and Trey's.. Just about getting on my last nerve.. Then he says after dinner maybe we can go see a movie.. "I have heard Hangover is good" he says.. WHAT "Hangover".... Not even close to being my type of movie.. NO !! We brought the paper for movie listing anyway.. But I brought a few games to maybe play after dinner.
So I walked into Cort and Treys house with my purse, A sweater (in case we did go to a movie.. it is always so cold in there), the paper for movie listings, and a bag with games inside !!!
I walked in, hug Cort.... and then... SURPRISE !!!!
This flat cracked me up.. A surprise party for me !!
Michael had planned it perfectly !! He even had everyone wear black like they were mourning for me turning 30 !! crack me up... And of course I had on HOT PINK !!! i stood out.. HAHAHA
Me and A Few of the Girls There !!
Lora,Heather, Sarah H., Amy, Me, Rachel (holding Lillian), Sarah S., Cort, Lanie, Lori, and Whit.

A silly picture !!!

So of course I wanted to know.. Where were all the cars... they were all in the back and Trey had mowed a walk way through the brush !!! Flat crack me up !!!
Michael invited so many Birmingham Friends. Here are a few that work at my gym..

L-R: Kayla, Erica, Me, Brian, and Katie
Me and Sheryl

Whit, Lori, and Sarah S. hanging out !!

Heather, Cort, Rachel (with Miami), and Sarah H.

Justin, Hal, Michael, and Drew

Trey, Jared, and John.. I am loving the excitement John...
Justin, Hal, and Michael also so excited about my party !!!!

Way to go Michael for thinking to invite so many friends... Sarah Smith is a great friend that I worked with at my gym in Montgomery.. Now she is back in Bham where she grew up.. Yea.. I love me some Sarah S. !!!

Whit, Me, and Maghan..

Still trying to get these picture right !! We'll keep working on it !!
Lori, Me, and Sarah H.

Rachel and I

Did Justin not get the black memo ?? I guess he got the same memo I did.. PINK !!!!
Oh Honey !!!! You did a WONDERFUL job..... This was the best party ever !!!! Thank you !!
A big SHOUT OUT to Cort !!!! Thank you girl for hosting and helping Michael as much as you did.. You are a WONDERFUL Best Friend !!
I was so surprised !!! Thank you so much for everybody that came !! That meant so much to me. It made turning 30 not so bad !!! Ok it is still bad, but the party was Super Fun !!!
I can not brag about Michael enough for this one.. He really did a great job with everything from the invite and reminder emails I heard all about to the balloons he bought !!! Way to Go Babe !!!