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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

A BLANK Nursery!

Type A... We all know that I am TYPE A.. I have always said that I want EVERYTHING perfect when I bring my baby home from the hospital.. Well we all know that it just did not happen that way for us..
So when Coop came home his nursery had his crib and a few other little boy things (that mom brought from home that was Mac's).. and that was it..
You may or may not remember but the day after we got Coop I ordered his bedding and was lucky enough to get fabric swatches.. So the paint was picked out.
Michael did a great job painting Cooper's room, but there was SO MUCH more to do...
Thank goodness the next weekend was Memorial Day and my mother was coming back. Over that weekend we got so much done...
Yes she did a lot of loving on Cooper, but massive amounts of projects were also done!
When she got there, it was a blue room with some furniture...
When she left it looked like this:

Let me share just a few of the projects we did.....
I bought these letters white at Hobby Lobby for not even $2 each!
Michael measured them and taped them off.. Then I used the furniture paint to paint stripes on them!
We got the "Heaven Sent" sign from Storkland.. How perfect!
At Storkland, I also saw the most awesome lamps, but of course they were well over $100 each.. So I bought this lamp for around $15. Then I used a hole punch around the top and bottom of the shade. I weaved the ribbon throw the holes. I got my very talented sister in law to paint Cooper's Monogram on it.. And I love it!
I also had this night stand.. So I got some paint one shade darker than the walls and painted it. Changed out the knob with a polka dotted one from Hobby Lobby ($3).. And Done! I also painted this book shelf the same shade of blue.
For this lamp I bought the base at Target for around $25 and the pre-sticky shade at Hobby lobby for just a few bucks. I bought the material and ribbon at Hobby Lobby too..
I cut the material to fit the shade, stuck it on, and Mom made this awesome bow for us to hot glue on!
Yes.. we made just a few trips to Hobby Lobby and Target.. With some trips to Pottery Barn Kids and Storkland mixed in too!
But it was well worth it.. I love how Cooper's Nursery turned out.. It is full of things that were given to him by people that love him so much.
Of course it has changed since then.. I have added all sorts of new projects.. I will have to share those some time..
hahhahahahaaa... Once I catch up!

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Daddy and Cooper Too!

Well of course we took some Daddy and Cooper pictures too!

Some Mommy and Cooper Pictures

After the Dupree's took Cooper's first pictures we came home and took our own!

Mommy and Cooper!
I love the way he looks at me!

Cooper's NewBorn Pictures

We are blessed enough to have some of the best photographers in Birmingham as our dear family friends. Phillip and Nancy Dupree have grown up with my parents and I have grown up with their two daughters. Some of my favorite football Saturday memories include them!
I knew they had to do Cooper' pictures and they got us in right away. We got these taken a week after we got Cooper.
Mr. Phillip and Mrs. Nancy with Cooper!
Here is a little peck into some of my favorites from the photo shoot!

He was so little and has grown so much! I will cherish these pictures FOREVER.. And it meant so much to have the same people that have taken my pictures growing up and did our wedding pictures, also take these!