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Thursday, September 25, 2008

Fun Day, Great Game, Hard Loss !!!

We spent the night in Prattville with Michael's Mother so we could be in Auburn bright and early. As in, we pulled into Auburn around 7:30am.. early !! We dropped off ALL of our stuff and headed straight to College Gameday.. If you live under a rock and are not aware... ESPN College Gameday was in Auburn for the LSU game. After spending way too much time on Thursday, our signs were ready and so were we.. Ready to be on ESPN !!!! We got our spot, and waited and waited and waited.. Finally 9:00am rolled around and WE WERE LIVE !!!!!! LIVE FROM AUBURN, ALABAMA it was COLLEGE GAMEDAY !!!!
Here is Michael and I with our signs waiting for Gameday to begin.. As you can see we were not the only ones with this idea.
Us at Gameday (do not worry, someone was holding our signs for us)

Gameday last from 9-11am every Saturday.. We hung around until a little after 10:30.. By that time we knew (we as in our signs) had already made in on TV many, many times... The wind was wiping and our signs took a beating. They had about had it, but they did their job.

My sign... Do you get it??? Let me explain...... Trindon Holliday is short.. 5'5 to be exact.. Very short for a college football player.. (tall compared to me, but most are) .. Still not getting my sign?? The lollipop Guild is from the Wizard of Oz (one of my all time favorite movies).. Sing it with me...

We represent the Lollipop Guild, The Lollipop Guild.. And in the name of the Lollipop Guild... We'd like to welcome you to Munchkin Land !!

Please tell me you get it now ??? I would love to take credit for this genius slogan, but it was all Michael.. Hilarious if you ask me !!!! Once we got back to our tailgate, we stuck the stick in the ground for all to see. Even the LSU fans got a kick out of it.. It was a photo opportunity for many..

Of course Michael came up with his slogan as well.. Let me apologize now if you are reading this and have a lisp.. But this one got many laughs as well (probably from those without a lisp) !!

Cortney and Martina walked the zillion miles from their tailgate to come see us... We had a great time hanging out under the tent and talking..
The Aubie at our tailgate was another Photo Opportunity for many.. We said we should have charged $1 per photo (we would be rich, well not really, but SO many people took pictures with our Aubie)

We have a Super Fun tailgating crew... Football season is when we see these friends the most..
Hal, Travis, Justin, and Michael

Cortney and I

Michael and Ryan Powell (a friend from Auburn) chilling and talking to all who pass by on the road.. Notice the BULLHORN in Michael's hand.. That thing is from the devil I tell you and Michael loves it !!!! In fact... all the guys love it !!!

Tiger Walk was packed... I love to see it like this.. Our guys were so pumped as they walked through..
Once Tiger walk started Michael pushed his way to the front so he could call each player by name and give them a High Five !!! Hey whatever works !!!
The smoke comes and with locked elbows our guys start coming...

This is my favorite picture from the entire day.. I love the zoom on our camera (this was taken from the upper deck) LOVE IT !!!

Look at all that Orange in the stands.. Love it !!

Well like I said in the Title... Fun Day.. Great Game.... but HARD LOSS...
We had a blast spending the entire day in Auburn. Our tailgate was so much fun.
The game was great.. It was college football at its best and a typical Auburn vs LSU game !! A nail bitter till the end.
No scoreboard picture this week.. To much of a heart breaker..
AWESOME day.. if only my title read...

Fun day.. Great Game.. Awesome Win...

Then it would have been a Perfect Day.. (well that and Alabama losing)

Friday, September 19, 2008

Thank Goodness for Defense

We headed out to Starkville on Saturday morning excited about seeing our Tigers play the Mississippi State Bulldogs.
We got there early, parked, and walked around. We immediately ran into our tailgating buddy Brooke. She and our other buddy Justin were tailgating with some Miss State fans and invited us to join.

Michael, myself, Brooke, and Justin
Me and Brooke
The game was nothing less than frustrating and from the mouth of my man Forrest Gump, "that is all I am going to say about that" !!!
I think I was yelling so loud that these guys could hear me, but for some reason they were not doing what I was saying !!

In the end AUBURN did walk away with a "W", but it was not pretty, not pretty at all.

Other than the ugly football game that was played, we had a great time.

Hopefully my boys have been working their little/big butts off, because LSU is coming to town this Saturday and they are no joke.... Hopefully we aren't either !!!

AUBURN 3 Mississippi State 2

With a score like that all I can say is... Thank goodness for a good Defense !!!

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Good For Me !!

Going out of Business or Going Bankrupt... Either way.. Bad for them and GOOD for me !!!!!
So Michael and I went to Linen's-N-Things to check out how the sell prices were going..
Good for ME !!!!
Let me back track a little...... While in college I asked for a vacuum cleaner and got one for Christmas. Now I know what you are thinking, but no I was not mad.. In fact, I was thrilled.. I was so excited and it has been good to me ever since.. After almost 10 years it is still going strong. Well maybe not strong.. Vacuum cleaners have changed a little since then and with 2 puppies, we needed stronger !!! Which brings me to Friday night... we got a new vacuum..
Check it out !!!!

I was so excited I opened the box and put in together right when we got home. Then of course I ... VACUUMED !!!! I love it.. It is a monster of a thing and is a little heavy, but it picks up everything. It even has a little mini vacuum head to use for hard to reach places and steps...
Yes I just got all excited and blogged about a vacuum cleaner.. I think this might go hand in hand with my OCD cleaning !!!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Early or Late.. Happy Birthday to you !!

After the Auburn vs Southern Miss game we headed to Prattville for Birthday Celebrations. Both Mr. Daffin (Michael's Step dad) and Stacey (Michael's sister) have birthdays in September. Alexis (our niece) has a birthday in June, but we have not seen her since then. So we celebrated all their birthdays on Saturday.
We grilled out and had many wonderful sides.. It was some good eating !!
Before we ate I read Alexis a few books !!!
We got Stacey a monogrammed bag with matching makeup bag. This bag was so super cute, I should have gotten me one.. I know I know.. I need another monogrammed bag like I need a hole in my head, but I LOVE them (its an addiction, with no need for an intervention) !!!!!

What I have realized about golfers is.. they always like getting golf balls !!
We also got Mr. Daffin a golf, breathing, get dry fast, shirt. I think he like it !!!

Even though Alexis was very tired she stayed awake to open our gift. I know she will look cute in her new pink and brown cupcake outfit. This outfit came from "Sew Precious" in Patton Creek in Hoover. This is one of my favorite children's clothing stores.. I highly recommend it !!

After eating way to much cake and watching more football, it was home to BHam... It was a fun filled Saturday !!!

Happy Birthday to Stacey, Alexis, and Mr. Daffin !!!!

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Rain or Sun... We are there !!!

Rain... Sun.. or BOTH !!!
When we woke up Saturday morning it was pouring down rain in Birmingham. I told Michael there is no way I can sit out in the rain for an entire game.. I CAN'T get sick !!! Realizing this we checked the weather and decided that the rain was not set in for the day and the weather looked alright. Because of the 11:30 kick we headed out pretty early. The closer we got to Auburn we the more the sun came out. God Smiles down on Auburn, and that is a true fact !! By the time we parked the sun was a blazen' and it was hot. As I stuff our shakers and the million other things a person needs for a game into our Auburn bag, I grabbed our poncho's. Michael said do not bring his, "it will not rain". I said, "are you sure, because I am going to bring mine just in case".. He said "no".. So off we went to the game !!!
Us before the game !!!! We had great sits for this game and some sweet tattooed man said "God Bless" and gave us the tickets for free !!! Gotta love that !!!

Aubie leading the crowd in cheers !!!

And Here comes the TIGERS !!!!
We did our homework before buying our camera last Christmas. One thing we really wanted was a camera that had lots of "zoom" for football games.. Looking at this picture I took of Spirit I would say we accomplished that....
Oh was it HOT !!! The sun was out.. Then from the sun I feel.. drip..drip..drip.. So I get out my poncho (Michael looks at me like I am crazy).. drip.. drip.. DOWN POUR !!!!!!!! Ya'll I am not kidding.. Cats and dogs it was raining. It was crazy how hard it rained, for a total of no more than 10 minutes.. But that 10 minutes left everyone (everyone but ME and just a few others) Soaking wet !!!! After that the sun came right back out and it became super hot again.. Moral of the story- always be prepared and never laugh at me for being over prepared (I had even brought us a change of clothes in case that happened)
Me DRY in my poncho and Michael SOAKED with his poncho in the car !!! (dry or wet.. I do love this picture. Props to the man behind us that took it!)

Game almost over !!
Final Score:
AUBURN 27 Southern Mississippi 13

WAR EAGLE !!!!!!

Friday, September 5, 2008

First Game of Season

It was nice to be back in Auburn on Saturday for the first game of the season. It was a hot August day, but thank goodness kickoff was not until 6:00pm.
We had fun spending the day in Auburn. We didn't tailgate for this game, but we still had a great time. We went to the bookstore and J&M.. of course we bought more Auburn stuff, just what we needed. What can I say, there is something about being in Auburn that makes us buy more Auburn stuff... oh whatever, I know.. we buy Auburn stuff no matter where we are !!!
Michael trying to see the players and coaches at Tiger Walk !!
LOOK at all the people at Tiger Walk.. and this wasn't even for a big game !! Gotta love team spirit !!!
Right before the eagle was let out to fly around the field.. This tradition truly is "UNIQUELY AUBURN" !!!
When the band comes out before the game the band directors "high step" out. The crowd goes crazy !!!
Then the band forms an AU, the smoke comes, and HERE COMES THE TIGERS !!!!!!
Michael and I as the game was ending !!!
Scoreboard with around 2 minutes left AUBURN 34 Louisiana Monroe 0

Yes it was LA Monroe, but a "W" is a "W"