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Friday, August 28, 2009

Mandy's Bachelorette Weekend.. Part 1.. Laughing till you Cry !!

<--- From L-R
Melody, Me, Keely, Mandy, and Shara
(Robin was there, but somehow missed all the photos)
One of my very best friends from growing up/ high school is getting married this October. So on a few weekends ago we got together for a good ole Bachelorette Weekend.
Melody offered to host at her place in Atlanta, so on Friday I was on my way.
We spent Friday night staying up late at Mel's catching up, remembering fun times, and laughing till we cried.
We all cheered and did everything else together in high school. We were all just the best of friends..
Mandy's soon to be husband sent a gun with her to fight off the all the men in the mean streets of ATL...
Mel, Shara, Mandy, and Morgan Me, Keely, Shara, and Mandy just chillin'

Mel and I
Keely and I
I was trying to hold the camera and get a picture of all of us, but I have the shortest arms and was laughing so hard... It took a few tries...

Mel, Jessa Belle (J. Belle), Kiwi, Mandy Pooh, and Shera... All our nicknames in High School that we still use to this day !!
Mel looking all hot in her new Burberry Rain Coat..
What in the world.. Who knew the hood came off !!

Keely, Mandy, and Morgan.. (Morgan is Keely's younger sister that was around us alot growing up so of course she was included in on the fun weekend)
Shara, and Keely, and I

Such a fun night... I would have drivin all the way to ATL just for that one night.. But there was more fun to come.. Which means way more pictures to come too !!!

Monday, August 24, 2009

Media Days

A few Fridays ago it was Media Days for Auburn. So being the loyal fans that we are... Michael took off work, we bought a football, brought a sharpie, put on our orange and blue and headed out.. Oh yea headed out early.. I mean we had to beat everyone else so we could get our football signed by Coach Chiz !!
Beat everyone we did.. We beat them by a few HOURS !!! It was just us and the press... All the morning sports shows were hosting their shows live.. I could hear them talk about us DECKED out in our orange and blue....
So with ALL our extra time we decided to take some pictures.. Since no one else was there, we walked around even in place I am not sure we were suppose to be..
Michael pointed to BO !!! Michael pointed to Pat Sullivan !!And me sitting in the ESPN sit.. Oh wait there is no picture.. That is right my battery died.. I have always wanted to be on ESPN and right as I was about to get "my chance" the battery goes... I searched and searched and could not find anymore batteries...
So no Jessa pictures and no pictures with Coach Chiz !!! Sad Day !!
But the good thing about being the ONLY Auburn fans there at the early AM hour..... Was that when Coach Chiz did come down we walked right up to him and got him to sign our football..

Oh Yea !! It was worth it !!


Friday, August 14, 2009

Summer Sangria

In the spring I was introduced to a new drink and fell in love. It was so refreshing and perfect for summer. I tweaked the recipe a little and so became "Summer Sangria".. Which is my name for my drink of summer !! I have talked about this so much that some have asked for the recipe.. It is wonderful and so easy..
* First go to the nearest World Market and buy a $5.99 bottle of Sangria. The best and it is so cheap.. I recommend buying more than 1 bottle to save you a trip !!
* Take 4 oranges, cut in half and squeeze out all the juice in a pitcher. I usually throw 2 halves in the pitcher just for the pulp.
* Pour the entire bottle of Sangria in the pitcher
* Fill the rest with Ginger Ale and stir
* Put in freezer and stir often
* You know it is ready when it is all slushy !!
Now this is the easy way !! But trust me the more fruit you put in the better !!
Yum Yum Yummy !! Hope you enjoy !!