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Thursday, September 24, 2009

Maghan's Baby Shower.. Slumber Party Style !!

Not another Baby Shower Sunday afternoon Tea.. Yes those are wonderful, but I was thinking something a little different.
Good Ole Fashion Slumber Party..
Save the little sandwiches and pettifors for Sunday Afternoon.. We had Pizza, Chips, and Snacks.. And you know there was cookie dough there.. With a little wine and Summer Sangria mixed in (ok so it was a grown up slumber party)
PJ's were a must and there was a wonderful mix of music playing in the background that made you want to grab a spoon jump on the couch and sing LOUD...
Thank goodness Maghan is having a girl.... I just LOVE making it look like someone threw up pepto bismal in my house.. PINK EVERYWHERE.... LOVE IT !!!
Bethany, Ashley, Cortney, and Laura
Sitting around, eating, and enjoying each others company !!
So cute.. Pink and Monogrammed !!
What I got Maghan.. I thought this would be perfect for new baby, mommy, and daddy pictures.
Heather, Martina, Kristin, and Jamie
Amy, Rachel, and Kinnery
Bethany, Martina, Baby Lillian, Me, Maghan, and Cortney

Rachel, Heather, Cortney, and Maghan

After Maghan opened her gifts we played a few baby games, then on to "Catch Phrase"..

After Catch Phrase we just sat around and talked for hours. It was such a fun night with a bunch of great girl time..
Some time in the wee hours of the morning Whitney started teaching Maghan some yoga moves!! HAHAHAHA crazy !!

What a Great Night... Maghan got some great stuff and everyone had a good time. Now we are ready for Addison to come out and play !!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Port St Joe.. Day 2

Day 2 we were back on the water. The first place we went was this one shore where we found HUGE Sea Shells. I felt like a kid stuffing my baggie full with them. We ran into a some bad weather, it felt like we were on The Deadliest Catch. Ok maybe that is a stretch !! We waited the bad weather out at the marina.. thank goodness it blew over quickly and it was back to scalloping.
This is the shirt Mac got Daddy for Father's Day. Beer:30... Love it !!!

Momma and Daddy

Michael finding scallops !!

Daddy and Michael

Daddy and Mac

After a while we found the sweet spot and hit the mother load of scallops !!

Mac with some of his buddies.. Check out all those scallops !! Trust me, those took awhile to shuck.. But yum yum were they good.

Michael and I out by the pool that night !! You know I was drinking my "Summer Sangria" !!

Mac and I

Michael and Mac.. I love this picture.. Two of my all time favorite boys !! I love them both VERY MUCH !!

On our way home Sunday all we could talk about was how much fun we had.. The trip went by way too fast.. Next year we will have to go down a day earlier !! Spending all day on the boat in the water.. Then spending all night eating and hanging out by the pool. Now that is my type of vacation !!! I am already looking forward to next year !! What a BLAST...
Port St Joe 2009.... LOVE IT !!

Monday, September 21, 2009

Port St. Joe.. Day 1

During the summer Michael and I went down to Port St Joe, Florida, which is outside of Panama City.
Every summer a bunch of our family friends and their kids go. Mother has always invited us, but this is the first year it has worked out for us to go. We headed down on Thursday night and got there mighty late. We woke up the next day and got ready to go out on the boat. Everybody loaded up and headed to the marina.
Port St Joe is known for their scalloping and this was a great year for it.

We would spend the day snorkeling and looking for scallops. Then we would go to this one real shallow area and all the guys would suck them !!
Michael about to get ready to catch some scallops !!

Mrs. Merri and Momma
Early evening we would head back to where we were staying. We would get in the pool and then some of the guys played a good ole game of parking lot baseball !!
Mrs. Darlene was playing bartender and made us all Pineapple Martinis !! They were so good and refreshing .. We started calling her the "Dar-tender" !!
Momma, Mac, and I
The Ladies made a side dish or dessert while the men were frying and grilling the meat and ALL of our scallops..We would set out tables by the pool and eat out there. We all ended up staying out there for hours at night just talking and laughing !!
Total there was around 50 of us there and here we all are about to pray over our meal.
I know I know.. With this tan line.. WHAT IN THE WORLD was I thinking wearing this dress ????
Mac and I
Michael and I out by the pool.

It was such a fun day and we could not wait to do it all over again the next day !!

Friday, September 18, 2009

Mandy's Bachelorette Weekend.. Part 3.. Ladies in Black !!

After getting our nails looking all pretty we all headed over to the "W" Hotel in ATL to get ready.
Mandy and I

Keely and I

MY FWB Girls !!!
Robin, Me, Keely, Shara, Melody, and Mandy

Cheerleading.. It will always be in our blood !!
Mandy and I

Mandy at Dinner
Sitting outside at the W
There are no words to explain this one ! If I would only have a video !!! This girl was in the MIDDLE of the dance floor jamming out in, in her very own way, in her Sunday Best.. All I could do was stare... and take pictures for my blog of course !!

Robin, Me, Melody, and Mandy
Mel and I
Robin, Mandy, and Shara
Around 3:30-4:00 in the morning we decided to stunt on our floor, with the way too low ceilings !! NOT A GOOD IDEA !!! What a fun weekend !! It was so great hanging out with some of my lifelong buddies.. I laughed so hard this weekend and had SO much fun.
Mandy's Wedding is in October and I can't wait
Thanks again Melody for getting all this together. It was AWESOME !!