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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

More Christmas.. And in January?

You have heard of the Never Ending Story, well this was the year of Never Ending Christmas'... the Christmas that keeps on giving if you will!
Stacey (Michael's sister) lives in St. Louis and was not able to come down until the first of January, so we held off and did Christmas with their dad and Grandparents until her and the girls got here (Sam, Stacey's Husband, had to work)
We meet Stacey and the girls at Daddy Bob and Grandmother Mullen's House (Michael's Dad's Parents)
Michael with Alexis
Michael with Sophia
Michael with Grandmother Mullen
3 Generations of Men:
Mr. Mullen, Michael, and Daddy Bob
Michael and Daddy Bob
On the wall leading into the kitchen is numbers all up it.. This was the wall where Daddy Bob marked the kids height as they grew up. Somehow I had not seen this until now and I am glad I did. Here is Daddy Bob and Michael comparing the heights...
After exchanging presents, we ate with Mr. Mullen and then headed to Prattville to see Michael's mom. We still needed to exchange gifts with Stacey and the girls...

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Repeat Outfits: A major DON'T

Every year it is tradition that my mother-n-law gets me a years subscription to Glamour as one of my Christmas presents... I love the last page.... The Does and Don'ts of the month....
As I look through my fun filled December, I realize..
I was a Major Don't!
But wait... Before you write me off as a fashion disaster, Let me Explain!
We traveled.. A LOT... so instead of unpacking all my shoes and hang up clothes EVERYtime, well I just left it packed! All I would do is add a little here and take away a little there (washing all of this in between of course).
So this lead to....dun dun dun... Repeat Outfits!
I did not think much of this until I blogged it all... But it is ok, because I was with all different people.. No one (but me) would have ever known if it would not have been for my obsessive compulsion to take pictures and blog about everything!
So there it is.. I laid it all out...
My name is Jessa and I wore repeat outfits to most of my Holiday events!
Hey, at least they were cute outfits!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

An Almost Missed Moment and A Birthday!

Almost anytime we are going anywhere it almost always goes the same way.. Me freaking out because I HATE to be late. Michael does not have the same hatred for being late that I do. So as I am sitting at the front door holding my purse and practically tapping my toe... Michael sits at his office (right beside the front door) listening to music and seeing what is new with Auburn!
AKA... me freaking out....
me: Michael lets go! I do not want to be late
Michael (in his most nonchalant voice): Chill, we will not be late
me: (tap tap tap goes my toe!)
Around this time Michael changes the loud annoying music to a song we both enjoy. You would think this would make me smile, bbuuttt.. it doesn't...
me: Michael, Let's Go
Michael: Dance with me
me: No, I do not want to be late!
By this time, he has gotten up from his desk and walked over to me and grabbed my hand. As he is singing I really want to continue my freak out moment, but I can't. I drop my purse and sing with him. We sing and dance through the entire song!
As we get in the car I can't wipe the smile off my face! It was at that moment that I realize I really need to chill! True fact that I will always hate to be late! But that moment would have been worth it!
I realized that was almost a missed moment! And that was one of those moments that I love, the kind of moment that is so special... And I almost missed it!
So with me on cloud nine we arrived.. ON TIME... to Leonardo's to help celebrate Hal's birthday!
This is the picture Michael took!
Whitney and IMaghan made Hal's cupcake cake and all the little cupcakes around it. It was yum yum good.
You know that I love the saying....
"Life is not measured by the amount of breaths you take, but by the moments that take your breath away"
Those moments, those true moments do not come around everyday!
Glad I took the time to enjoy mine!

Friday, February 5, 2010

Plans for 2010!

Saying the words "New Years Resolution" just makes me think of failure.. You know, things you have full intentions of doing starting on January 1st and forget about by January 2nd!
So I am not going to call these New Years Resolutions, I am going to call them...
My Plans for 2010!
The only good thing about being a month behind on your blogging is that I have had one whole month to think about these and get started!
So I present to you My Plans for 2010!
1) Yep, this picture made me laugh! "Adoption is the new Pregnant".. Whether it is or not, my baby is on the way! We are looking forward to and remain hopefully that we WILL become parents in 2010!

2) 10 pounds in 2010! Well that was what I was thinking before I got on the scale and realized I gained 5 pounds during Christmas (WHAT). So my new mantra is 15 pounds in 2010. It does not have the same ring.. Guess that is what I get for LOVIN food so much during the Holidays!
Since early Fall Michael and I have been getting up at 5am and working out.. Going good so far and keeping it up! I must admit that Michael is the one that wakes up first and then wakes me up. Thank goodness for him. He is a great motivator! Come on 15 pounds, GET LOST! (ps.. this is a picture I found on the web, those are NOT.. I repeat NOT my long toed, ugly toenail polish, BIG feet)
3) I know what you are thinking... Jessa is a clean freak.. Her house is always clean... And yes I LOVE my house clean, but I have a husband who could care less. Mix this with my busy life and you get stuff.. Stuff everywhere! By Sunday (my deep cleaning day) I feel overwhelmed with cleaning my house. Not to mention that if someone stops by during the week my heart stops and I FREAK out, because I am so embarrassed. Now, I must admit that I do straighten up throughout the week quite a bit, but just not enough. So I plan to not chill at night until the little things are straightened up! The weeks that I do this makes my Sunday cleaning so much easier. So in 2010 I plan to have a CLEAN HOUSE, everyday not just Sunday!
4) Where to begin with this one.... Words I hate to hear, "Jessa, where is the (fill in the blank)" or "Jessa, can you get me the (fill in the blank). We do have a filing cabinet, but even it is unorganized.. or was! I have already organized our filing cabinet and realized when we get it, it gets filled then..Not in a stake labeled "needs to be filled"! This goes hand and hand with keeping a clean house.. Everything has a home! If is moved it needs to be put back in its home, if it is new it needs to have a home. Now if I could just get Michael on board with the "everything has a home" thing!
5) My friend from college, Kristy Dean Crawford, blogged about this book last week and we ordered it from Half.com. It got here just the other day. I have already read the first chapter and it got me pumped about saving more money at the grocery in 2010. For years now Michael and I have cut coupons out of the Sunday paper and saved them for our grocery trips. We usually save around $30 or more. But with the tips in this book I know realize we can save even more. This fact makes Michael VERY happy, which makes me happy!

6) Now do not look to closely at this picture, those are not my initials. But I do have stationary just like this with mine on it. In fact, I have alot of stationary with my monogram ranging from classic to funky and fun! Lately it has been sitting in our desk and that is about it. So in 2010 I plan to brush off the dust and getting back to sending more notes. If someone dies, someone is sick, or someone just needs to know I am thinking about them.. We are in the south you know.. And my momma raised me better!

7) Oh the love hate relationship between flossing! How many times have I had made promises to my dentist that I had no intention of keeping. You have probably made it yourself...."I have not been flossing like I should, but I am going to start". Well this time I am! In 2010, I WILL floss everyday. I have been doing great (some days even twice). Oh yea...

8) If there really only was a true "Chill Pill", I would take it numerous times a day. In fact, I would probably OD on it! Within the years I have lost control of the one thing I wanted so very badly. Because of this I have tried to take control over EVERYthing else. Now do not get me wrong, because to the core, I am a control freak! But I have taken it to a whole nother level. So in 2010, I will take my pretend "chill pill" and RELAX!

Do you recognize a theme here?
I did not at first. It took me thinking about what I really wanted to do in 2010 to realize it is not about what I want to do, but about who I want to become!
In March of 2003 I got married to my best friend and had NO doubt that is what God wanted. I knew I had my whole life ahead of me and together we would LOVE LIFE.
I have not been loving life. I have been consumed with getting pregnant and have let everything else go including the real me!
So in 2010 I plan to get back to the real me....
The me who loved to work out, eat right, and be in shape.
The me that cared more about others than myself.
The me that was on top of my life..
The me that trusted God and his plans for me...
So I say....
"For I know the plans you have for me Lord. Plans to prosper me, and not harm me, plans to give me a hope and a furtue"!
With all my heart I believe this and I also believe in living my life to the fullest.
With all that said, in 2010 I plan to.......
WELCOME BACK ME! ** PS.. I kindof feel like Jerry Maguire right after he wrote his "Mission Statement".....

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

The Day We Won A Single Game 3 Times!

I promise at the beginning of the day I looked cute... Hair was done, nice and smooth, thanks to my new Chi.... Cute outfit with my boots with the fur!!
Then it came... The rain that was.. It started out sprinkling.. So I grabbed my camera and took a quick picture of Michael and I before the rain touched my hair and frizz happened...
Thanks goodness Cort and Trey found these little ponchos. Yes they were little.. and thin.. and $5, but they were better than nothing!
Cort and I before the game as the rain was starting (notice the hair starting to curl up)!
Michael and I during the game in between ALL the rain we got!Trey and Cort as the rain stopped and the cold set in!
Yes we won and the players ran out on the field.... No No come back.. there was a penalty...
Yes we won and the players ran out... No No... there was something else or another..
FINALLY we WON in overtime!
After we finally WON the players went and JUMPED into the stands to celebrate with the fans! I love these pictures and would have loved to be over there with the guys!
Saturday Morning we went over to the Under Amour High School All-American Football Game. Auburn had a lot of big time recruits that were playing so it was good to go see them play and show them some AU LOVE!
It was finally time to head back to Alabama... We had a great trip and it was SO MUCH fun! Auburn had a good win...
Is it time for the 2010 Season yet?