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Friday, October 31, 2008

Halloween Time

Ok so I am a little late posting this and these decorations have been up for a month now.. In fact... It is almost time to take them down..
I love decorating my house for the Holidays.. And halloween is just the beginning. After Halloween the pumpkins and other fall decorations stay up for Thanksgiving. And then... dun dun dun... It is time for CHRISTMAS.. MY FAVORITE !!!!!
I just wanted to share just a few of our decorations with you !!!

And one of my favorite Halloween decorations is our Haunted House !!! Mrs. Daffin (Michael's mom) got this for me for my past birthday. It was a great addition for our house !!!
I do not know about you, but I am ready for Christmas !!!

Michael's 10 Year Reunion

<--- Michael with Mark, Clark, and Clay
We started out the Reunion Weekend at the Trinity Football Game. There was an Alum Tent where everyone met up. After talking for awhile we decided to head out. One of the girls Michael graduated with was having a get together at her house. It was so much fun seeing Michael catch up with his old buddies. I also really enjoyed meeting the people I have heard so much about. Before this weekend, I had only met a few of Michael's friends.
Michael and Ryan
Michael and Mark
Michael and Me
On Saturday the guys went to play Golf in the morning and watch Football the rest of the day. I went shopping !!! PS.. the old guy did not graduate with Michael, he was just picking them up in the parking lot. And doesn't he look super happy about this picture !!

On Saturday Night was the Big Party. And as you can see it Cocktail Attire..

Mike with his wife, Mark with his Girlfriend, and US !!
Michael, Bill, and Ryan
Me with Clay's girlfriend

Michael and I as the night was coming to a close

It was a fun weekend and I know Michael enjoyed seeing everyone..

Congratulations to the Trinity Class of 1998 !!!

Thursday, October 16, 2008

A Fashion Show and a Football Game !!

After going to Michael's Soccer Game we headed to Auburn to watch our Tigers play Tennessee. We ended up sitting in the upper deck, which once you walk the zillion miles up the ramp, you realize it is worth it. I grew up sitting in the upper deck and I love being able to see every play develop.
Now as you many of you know by now, football Saturdays are not only for game watching. But it also like a runway.. Let me explain: I have been asked why I dress up so much for games (I have worn a dress to all games but one, and I wore a super outfit to that one). It is important to wear a cute outfit and this is why: Seriously, what other day of the week do you see as many people as you do on Gameday?? Ponder that one for a minute and all is understood !!
So on this particular Saturday I wore this cute navy and white polka dotted dress that came with a navy sash.. Out with the sash and in came an orange and white polka dotted ribbon.. Voila.. Super Cute Game Day Dress. I know what you are probably thinking "She sure does think highly of this outfit".. As of today you are correct, but as I was getting ready I was not so sure. But as the day progressed I realized, this was a winner.. I had people coming up to me left and right with complements.. I even had a guy say something and I am thinking he was not even gay !!! I must admit as hard as I may or may not try at times, I do not always get the fashion thing right.. But on this particular day, I did !! Pre-warning.. you will see this dress again next season !!!

Michael and I right before Kick-off

During the game, Aubie always dresses up and has funny props. With Tennessee's mascot being Smokey, I thought this was hilarious. Aubie, you are a funny dude !!

All people taking a picture of my husband and I ... Yes he is tall and I am short, so if you get all of him, plus plenty of sky... well you hardly get me !!! This picture had great potential, but never quite made it. And not to mention the temporary bob my hair is making !!!
Michael's Dad, Mr. Mullen, came over to sit with us for awhile.

After the game I was able to meet up with one of my bestest buddies from college, Tara. She and her husband live in Huntsville and we do not get to see them enough. So even though it was a quick hug, hello, and picture, it was still good. Look how cute Tara looks.. Way to go Girl!!!

Final Score BoardAUBURN 14 TENNESSEE 12

WARNING: To all of those thinking of adopting the "Gameday Attire Theory". There is a drawback. Just as strongly as I feel about looking cute on Gameday and other outings, I feel about looking bummy when just hanging around. When I am hanging out with good friends, like on Sunday night at Lifegroup, there is no dressing up for this girl at all.. Ya'll already know what I look like with makeup on.. Just come to work and my point will be proved... I will be the girl in no make-up, hair in a ponytail, cotton shorts/t-shirt, and bare feet (one of the glories of my job).. Take it or leave it !!!

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Coach Mikey

Michael has been coaching Upward Soccor for our Church. If you have never heard of the Upward Program, it is something many Churches provide. Many Churches have Upward BasketBall, Cheerleading, and Soccor. At our church in Montgomery, Landmark C of C, Michael coached Basketball. Our Church here, Homewood Church of Christ, has Upward Soccor. Michael coaches one of the 4 and 5 year old teams. His games are on Saturday mornings and luckily I was able to go see him coach a few Saturdays ago.

This is one of my favorite pictures I took.. All hands in.. GO TEAM !!!
It worked out great because Michael's Team was playing Shaun Cosby's Team. So Ashley and I had some good catching up time and of course we cheered loud too. Funny thing: Out of all the kids out there not one parent had a camera.. But Ashley and I surely had ours... We were taking plenty of pictures of our "children".. Our Big Children that this !!!
Our guys coaching !!
The best part of the Upward program is during half-time someone does a short devotional for the kids. Are they listening ??? Who knows, but it sure does make a cute picture !!
Upward is a GREAT Program and I am so happy Michael has gotten involved with it here in Birmingham. He is a great coach and the kids love him. Go Team !!!

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

A Cord of Three Strands.. Plus One

Most people know that Cortney and I have another best friend from college, Rachael. She was making her way to South Carolina to spend some time with her family and made a few stops along the way. Thankfully one of those stops was our neck of the woods. The time we got to spend together was way too short, but it always is. During the time that Rach was in Auburn, the three of us did everything together. I miss those times, but these days are just as great... Just in a different way... One of those ways is the little addition to our friendship, Jackson Scott Hamilton.. You may remember me blogging about his birth back in July.. Since Rachael and her Husband are living in Oklahoma these days, this was the first time for me to meet Jackson. I love him so much and could not be happier for Rachael. Jackson is an answer to a prayer a prayed many times for her.
*** Notice how Jackson is even wearing his little Auburn shirt.. That a way to teach him correct while his young.. War Eagle Jackson !!!

It was so good to see Rachael. I am so thankful that even though it was for a very short time, she came by to see us. Rachael and Cortney are the type of friends some people only dream of having... I am very blessed to have them in my life and knowing they will always be there means the world.

A cord of three strands is not easily broken. Ecclesiastes 4:12