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Thursday, May 13, 2010

The Crib

Well thank goodness I have such a strong and muscular husband, because this past Saturday we put the crib together. We have had it a awhile now and I been so anxious about getting it up. I have only seen it at Babies R Us in light wood, so I was hoping that I would like the wood color.
I looked and looked for THE crib. I knew I wanted a dark wood crib, but that was it. So after searching and searching, I kept coming back to this one. I saved my coupons and finally bit the bullet and made the purchase.
We have been putting all the baby stuff in the nursery, so it is a little crazy in there. But I made room where the crib was to go and vacuumed good!
We started off with so many pieces, but it was very easy to put together and did not take us long at all.
Shug stayed in the nursery the entire time just staring at the crib. Michael thinks he just realizes that this is gonna take away from Shuggy cuddle time! Look at the face!
Voila! I must say..
Although I did stand in front of it and think "How in the world is short me gonna be able to reach down in this crib?"
Then I put the mattress in (which is a perfect snug fit) and realized it was perfect!
Now if I can just get the lady to email me back about our bedding that would be great!
Oh yea.. And we need our baby!
Now that would be perfect!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Moving on UP!

We got word on Friday that we are second on the list.. It is a little crazy how everything works, but all you need to know is.. Second.. Which is better than third.. In the words of our social worker.....
"So be getting ready :) You could get a call out of the blue soon :)"
WOW....my heart skipped a beat when I read her email! OH MY WORD... this is real! Just writing this is bringing tears to my eyes! Words can not explain my excitement...
Still not as good as first, but so much better than third!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Cinco De Mayo 2010

Cinco de Mayo...in my friends minds this is a great excuse for us to get together! So we met at a Mexican Restaurant on 280 and well... did what you are suppose to do on Cinco de Mayo..
Watching Hayes eat the lemon and limes was all too funny!
Sarah H., Rachel, and MaryAnn
Whitney, Me, Ashley with Hayes....I love the fact that MaryAnn jumped in on our picture too. Hey, the more the merrier!
Jared, Shaun with Hayes, Paul, and Adam
I think somebody different was holding Hayes in every picture I took.. And he is making the silliest face in them.. I think he is so cute and HElarious...
It was a fun night..
Happy Cinco de Mayo!

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Atlanta: Ballard's, The Braves, and A Battery?

This past Saturday we headed to Atlanta to catch a Braves Game! Michael bought us these tickets months ago and we have really been exciting about it. At GNO last month MaryAnn, who used to live in Atl, told us about the Ballard Designs Outlet that is there. Well of course a bell went off in my little head that said, "Great Idea" (can't you just see the light bulb)!
So after asking oh so nicely, Michael agreed that we could go before the game! I LOVE the Ballard Design catalog and would love one of almost everything! Although I must admit that we just do not need alot, but there were a few specific things I was looking for (never a good thing)..
When I walked in the door I saw this.....
I was so excited and my mind was racing with all the wonderful stuff I see month to month...
Insert sad music here...
They had some lovely things, but none of which I needed.. In fact the things I was looking for...well they had none of it..
Complete letdown! I was walking out, feeling defeated and took this picture (for the blog of course)
And then the lady behind the desk says " I am sorry we do not allow photography"..
WhhhaaWhhaaaaat??? I almost laughed!
Hummm..., did she realize we were standing in a outlet store and not a museum.? Now I know that you people call this a "Showroom".. But just because you have some regular price stuff and some discounted stuff.. Where I come from that is still an outlet.. And trust me, I know my outlets.. I grew up going to the ones back home.. Me and GAP, we were close.. Some thing about that khaki shorts and white top thing.. I loved it.. And don't get me started on the blue jean overalls.. Short and Long.. I rocked them! (don't knock it, it was the 90's.. that were cool)
So after all of this, we walked to the car
(hey who cares.. Not me.. I got my picture)..
And my battery is dead... in my car..... Well now if that is not Karma!
KARMA...Dang you!
So I have to walk back in and asked if they have jumper cables (hey, remember me?)... Did I mention that we are 10 minutes from the Stadium and the game starts in 15 minutes.. And we are in a "not so hot part of town"..
We get jumped off and head to the closest AutoZone.. Which leads us from the "not so hot" part of town into the "AWFUL, please don't shoot me" part of town..
waiting..waiting.. and waiting...
I waited in car and looked through my latest Ballard's and wished half of that stuff would have been in there...
waiting..waiting...wishing I at least would have walked out with something other than an illegally taken picture!
As I was waiting for our new battery I half expected to see a drive by, which would have surprised me NONE considering how many drug sales Michael saw go down..
"Bulldog".. (what the the man changing our battery called himself) kept telling people just to head to the alley.. not so sure Michael was suppose to hear that!
We made it out alive and to Turner Field by the end of the 4th inning! Not so bad.. Could have been much worse!
Tim Hudson played for AUBURN.. War Eagle Dude..
Just a few pictures of us in the stadium..

Check out the sky.... Thank goodness the rain held off!
Surprisingly....all in all it ended up being a fun day... The Braves won big time.. I got a new battery.. I now know I can not take pictures in Ballards... And I got some Yankee candles and Woodwick diffusers from Cracker Barrel for 80% off (they were around $4 each)...
Yes Yes... The day did not go like I had planned, but seriously..
When does it ever?

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

My Special Time with Grace!

This past Thursday, My Grace turned 8!
If you have been following my blog then you have heard me talk about Grace. She has been taking gymnastics from me for 3 1/2 years! She has been at my gym almost as long as I have! She is very special to me and we have a very special relationship!
As one of her birthday presents, her mother gave her a one on one hour in the gym with me! I felt so honored!
So this past Friday I met Grace and her mother at the gym.
She told me all about getting her "manicore"!
Look, doesn't her "manicore" look beautiful!
This picture is worth a million words... and millions of hours of work.... Walking on the high balance beam is Grace's biggest fear in gymnastics. Just awhile back when she did this for the first time I watched with tears running down my face!
Now look at her! I am so proud!
I have been looking so forward to this time with Grace! It went by way too quick.. Thank goodness I get to see her every week in gymnastics!
I love My Grace very much!

Monday, May 3, 2010

A Happy For Baby Mullen!

Mr and Mrs Daffin flew out of Birmingham to go keep our nieces and Michael took them to the airport. What a sweet surprise.. They brought Baby Mullen a happy!
This is what the card said:
Oh we LOVED it!
Michael called and said it was "so sweet"... Those are the words I always use (he is learning well)
We can't wait for Baby Mullen to wear these sweet little Auburn sleeping outfit!