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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Mac's Birthday and One Big Apple !!

On Saturday and Sunday it rained all day in Destin, but Mom and I got some good shopping time in. Saturday afternoon Mac even went with us for awhile..

On Saturday evening we went out for Mac's Birthday dinner. We went to Cajun Steamer, which is where he always picks to go. But no complaints from me.. I am not one to turn down great seafood.
Momma and Daddy

Mac and I

So as we were waiting for our food to come my mother puts a fake apple on the table and says.. "Isn't that a BIG apple?".. We just kinda of looked at her and she said it again this time looking right at ME !! I started to get a little smile on my face and said "BIG APPLE".. And she said that for my 30 Birthday she was taking me to NEW YORK !! I have been wanting to go for sometime and my mother loves it there.. Just me and my mother in New York.. that is scary !!!
All Mac could say was, "Isn't this my birthday dinner and my sister gets a trip to New York at my birthday dinner"... We have laughed and laughed... We joked for the rest of the time I was home saying that if I got a trip to New York at Mac's Birthday dinner... what would he get on my birthday !!! Sunday, March 15th was Mac's real Birthday.. His 17th !! I can't believe that my little brother is 17 !!! WOW !!!
Here he is after opening his presents. And no I didn't get anything else then, but I was still gloating about NEW YORK !!!! Mac and his Red, White and Blue Viking Cake...
We didn't have any candles so Dad held up his lighter for Mac to "blow out" !! Tuesday came way too soon. I love spending time with my family and it always goes by too fast. But I missed Michael so much and was ready to get home and see him.. It was such a nice surprise to walk in my door and see these Yellow Roses... Awwwww... he missed me too !!!

Friday, March 27, 2009

Going Home for Mac

For the last few years, Spring Break has been at the perfect time for me. Well yes taking an entire week off of work is perfect time anytime, but March is great. Mac's Birthday is March 15th and Baseball Season is also going on during that time. So it works out that I can go home, see the family, celebrate Mac's Birthday, see Mac play Baseball, and more.. all in a handful of days !!!
I got to Destin on Friday, March 13th and Mom meet me at the house. After a very productive trip to Target, it was off to watch some baseball. FWB's big rivalry is Choctaw and we were playing at their field. It ended up being a great game... The score went back and worth for the first few inning and then we lead for the rest. But the final score was determined by the final inning... We won !!! I tried to take a picture of the score board, but it went blank before I could.. Sore Losers !!!
My camera was going crazy trying to figure out what to focus on.. the lines on the net were driving my camera crazy.. So even though I took one zillion pictures, only a few turned out. But I think I got some good ones.

During the National Anthem !!
This is my favorite picture of the night.
I love to see him smile !!!
My family after the Big Viking Win !!
Dad and Mac
It is always so special to get to watch him play. When he was little I was able to watch him play so much more. As I have gotten older and moved away those times are not as much. I am a very proud sister and very loud cheerleader for him !!!
GO MAC !!!!!! Way to Go !!!!

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Today was a Special Day !!

One night this past summer my good friend Whitney and I met at Zoe's for dinner.. That night she told me her wonderful news... Her and Justin were expecting !!! I was so happy for them and have not stopped praying for their little blessing since that night.. Today they went in at 5 am for Whitney to be induced. At 10:47 am he was born !!!!
I am so happy to introduce...
Hayes Scott Hardy
8 lbs 2 ozs and 19 inches long
After work I headed over to the hospital to visit the new parents and of course Hayes !!!!
Soon after I got there the Wear's (Butch Wear is a Elder at our church) came in. Before they left Mr. Wear prayed over the new family.
How cute is he !!
Whit and Hayes
Justin and Hayes
Hayes was so good while I was holding him... He was yawning during this picture...
Whit, Mary (Whit's mom) and Hayes
Congratulations to Whit and Justin and their BEAUTIFUL new bundle of joy !!! He is so precious and such a sweet baby.. I can not be more happy for them.. They are such special friends and mean so much to us..
Congratulations and Happy Birthday Hayes Scott !!!

Saturday, March 7, 2009

ME !!!!!!!!

In the words of Elle on "Legally Blonde"...
ME !!!!
That is right.. Me, Myself, and I..... found my cute lime green side things and put them back on...
Thanks my friends for helping me... none !!!!
Now my blog is back to being ......
and I... Me...me...me...... I...... fixed it !!!
Me Go Girl !!!!
***** I hope you read this with as much attitude as I wrote it with... and singing the words and giving a little shake helps to !!

Thursday, March 5, 2009

What Happened to My Side Pretty Things ????

As I was checking my blog yesterday, I noticed that my pretty lime green, match my header perfectly, side things were gone..... Where did they go??? How long have they been gone??? My blog is just not as pretty without them... I need them back....and that is a fact !!!
If you know me, you know that I am not computer savvy and do not even try to change my layout.. Number #1 reason: I love it just the way it is, it is perfectly me (well with the pretty side things it was) and Number #2 reason why: I do not know how !!!
So I have made not even one attempt to change anything... so I know I did not make my pretty lime green side things go away....
What happened to them ?????
My computer savvy friends.. HELP !!!!
Help me get my lime green, match my header, so PEFECTLY me.. side things back !!!!
If you help a big THANK YOU will be in store for you... and a big shout out on my blog..What more could a person want !!
NOW HELP!!!!!!

Sunday, March 1, 2009

I Had Given Up !!!

Just a few days ago I wrote on my facebook page..... "Jessa has given up on snow, so bring on Spring" !!!!
Mr. Weatherman.. Do you know it is March 1.... In my mind, March has always meant warmer weather, blonder hair, and tanner skin... not snow... But who is complaining, not me !!!!
The puppies woke me up this morning a little before 7:30. All I was thinking was, Jessa I know the weather said it might snow, but it probably is not.. and even if it was, just a little...
I walked out of the bedroom and screamed "Oh My Goodness".. Michael jumped up out of bed because he thought something was wrong.. But I had a huge smile on my face and said "It is snowing.. A LOT" !!!!
Kenize, Shug, and myself went out back and started to play in the snow..
I went in front of the house to take a few pictures.. These were taken early.. The snow continued to come down for hours more.. So before it had stopped, it was even more white than this..
Winter Wonderland !! A look out into my neighborhood.. Just beautiful !!!
My prissy Kenzie was not all about playing in the snow...
But Shug loved it.. Although he was a little cold..
And I LOVED it more than anyone..
I went out front to start building a snowman and finally Michael came out and joined me.. Which lead to a huge snowball fight...

I lost the snowball fight.. Big Time !!

Hello My name is Jessa.. I am from Florida and this is my first EVER snowman..
I think I need to practice...
As fast as I was building the snowman, Shug was eating it... I know it looks a little sad, but come on SHUG... You do not have to Pee on It !! Yes that is what that yellow is !!!

What a special and fun day.. I wish we had more like this.. But I guess it snowing in Alabama only once a season is what makes it so special..
So as for as March 1, 2009... Let it Snow Let it Snow...
And as far as the tan I would love to have... My cheeks are so red from all the snow that Michael threw in my face, does that count ?????