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Friday, January 30, 2009

Crazy 8

After reading Holly's blog (a friend from Auburn). I remembered that I had also been tagged by Brooke for the Crazy 8 !! So better late than never !!!
Crazy 8
8 of my Favorite Shows:
1) The Bachelor: Even though based on prior episodes, we know they will probably not last.... But I am a girlie girl.. I can hope for a happy ending !!
2) One Tree Hill: This show use to be very Teeny Bopper but last season it jumped forward and now everyone is a little older, which is where I picked it up.
3) 90210: I was all into this show in HS so of course I am watching it now !!
4) Privileged: This show is so funny and it is hard not to love !
5) Grey's Anatomy: I jumped on this train a little later than most, so 2 years ago I took one weekend and rented every other season.. Got caught up and I have been watching ever since.
6) Private Practice: This may just be my favorite of them all !! How great is Addison ??
7) America's Next Top Model: For some reason I really like this show !!
8) Law & Order SVU: I catch it when I can !! Makes me think maybe I missed my calling !!
8 of my Favorite Restaurants:
1) Shula's: Best Steak I have every had... The Dessert is so good it might be a sin.. And all you have to do is take out a 2nd loan on the house to eat there.
2) Diplomat Deli: (Birmingham) Right down the road from my gym. During lunch it is impossible to get in. Best Rubbin in Town
3) Dewey Destins: (Destin) Small Shack of a Restaurant in Destin.. LOVE IT ! Get the shrimp poboy with a light beer... Great combo !!
4) Cheesecake Factory: Godiva Cheesecake: nough said !!
5) Harbor Docks: (Destin) Fresh make it right in front of you Sushi and Seafood right from the boat.. Can't be beat !!
6) Jestine's Kitchen: (Charleston). You have to wait in line to eat the best Southern Soul food ever !! And worth the wait !!
7) Amsterdam's: (Auburn): Say it with me.. Turkey Wrap with Sweet Potato Chips (homemade) and extra honey mustard !! I miss that !
8) Port of Call: (New Orleans): Best Burger you will ever put in your mouth. Worth going to N.O. just for the burgers ! Order a Monsoon to drink, but girls only 1.. They are HUGE !!!
8 Things that have Happened Today:

1) Straightened up my house and did laundry (an everyday occurrence)
2) Checked my Blog and everyone else's !!
3) Checked my email
4) Talked with God
5) Played with Kenzie and Shug
6) Talked with Michael
7) Took my vitamins
*** that is about it for now.. Hey it is only 7:30 in the morning !!
8 Things I'm Looking Forward To:
1) Having a family and being a Mommy !!
2) Getting my car paid off
3) Summertime.... It is about that time... If we could just get a little bit of snow this year, then I would be officially ready for summer.
4) This weekend.. I love weekends.. Saturday is my favorite day of the week !!
5) To one day having a big Entertainment/Auburn Room... All of our Auburn stuff is busting out of Michael's home office !!
6) Next year Christmas Time !! I know I am CRAZY !!! But I spend all year thinking about Christmas time !!
7) God working in my life and showing me.. what is next !!!
8 Things on my Wish List:

1) Having a family and being a Mommy !!
2) Auburn to win a National Championship
3) My house to stay clean. forever..
4) Someone from "Real Simple" magazine come to my house and organize everything
5) Stay Tan year around with no damage to my skin
6) Our bank account to be never ending and always have more than enough money in it.
7) This cancer and that cancer.. For them all to go away !!
8) To have a direct phone line to God..
****** I began to really over think some of these questions and then I just decided to go for it !! So ask me tomorrow and you will probably get some different answers. But for today at 7:40 in the morning, this is what I got !!!
I tag...... Tesney, Laura D., Lanie, Sarah H., Alicia H., Martina, Kristy C., and Julie Y.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

An Award for ME !!!!!

Well I be darn if I was not given this award be two wonderful bloggin' friends, Cortney and Brooke !! Now there is an AWARD right ????
Well we can get to that later..
I am suppose to list 5 things that I am addicted to and share this award with 5 other friends.. Wait, wait.. Did ya'll say SHARE... I did not realize this was an award I had to share !!
Anyway, On to my acceptance speech:
1) Having a family and being a Mommy: As most of my close friends know "obsessed" is an understatement.. I want a child more than I have ever wanted anything ever in my life !!
2) Having a Clean House: I come by it so natural.. My mother was a clean freak and so am I.. I HATE having a dirty house..
3) Soft PJ's and Socks: No surprise here.. I am a PJ girl.. No oversized shirts for me.. I love cute PJ's.. And they must be soft.. The winter is the best, because I can wear super soft PJ's with matching super soft socks... Not very sexy, but oh so soft.. Bad for Michael !!!
4) My Blog: I really thought this would be a come and go thing, but here we are almost 10 months later and I am loving it.. Because of all the pictures I take (another obsession), this is perfect for me.. Well that and the fact that I talk alot !! Hey I have a bunch to say !! He might not admit it to all, but Michael loves Blogs to !!!
5) The color PINK: Another big shocker..... I love the color pink, always have and always will... I loved pink before pink was cool. My friends used to always make fun of me, but now they are lovin it to.. followers !!
**** Because of my personality.. OCD... the list could go on and on of the things that I am obsessed with.. But those are my top 5 !! Of course I did not list Michael, my family, or the Good Lord.. Ya'll know those are my favorites !!
Thank you to both Cortney and Brooke for this award. I have always known my blog was fabulous, but it is good to hear it from someone other than yourself every once in awhile!
Now if I must share !!! I would like to nominate:
1) Jamie Grizzle: not sure if you have been nominated yet. But you got me into bloggin and now I can't get enough. I love to read your "Top 10" of the week. So keep it up !!
2) Ashley Cosby: You are great about posting pictures and you know I love to look at them... plus your blog is PINK !!
3) Bethany Faucett: Girl you change your background more than you blog.. So I always know that even if I don't have something new to read, there is a good chance I will have something new to look at.
4) Whitney Hardy: Did you start blogging before anyone else?? Not sure, but you are close to falling off the bloggin' bandwagon.. Quick get back on.. I know you are busy, but for the LOVE !!!
5) Rachael Hamilton: I love the fact that you have a blog, because now I can see pictures of sweet Jackson anytime I want. It is a great way for me to feel like we are not so far apart.. I miss you !!
*** Side Note*** If the volume is down on your computer.. TURN IT UP.. I have got some of my oldie but goodie buddie shakin' songs up !! So SHAKE what your MOMMA gave you!!!

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Darn you Bear Bryant !!

To wear are not to wear... That is the question !!!
If I wear a houndstooth accessory, does this make me look like a Bama Fan ??
I have been asking myself this question for some months now. It was getting harder and harder to turn my back on the cutest of cute stuff only because it bears the same material as Bear Bryant's Hat. Right around the time I had decided, "it's only a mere man's hat... I can still love Auburn and wear houndstooth".. I walk into the bank and look at the teller who is helping me. I see she has on a houndstooth belt.. And without even realizing it, I assumed she was an Alabama Fan. Well I guess that just answered my question right there.. All of that talking myself into "going for it....mere man's hat"... well that had just gone to hell and a hand basket !!!
No Houndstooth Scarf..No Super Cute Houndstooth Shoes, and Certainly NO AWESOME Houndstooth Coat (see picture below) for me !!

Now before I get hate mail or comments from my Crimson Tide friends... you must understand..... well there is just no easy way to say this.. I am an AUBURN fan and proud to be.. So someone thinking I am a bama fan, well that is just not an option.
Which brings up another question ....
Does my love for AUBURN out weigh my desire to look cute ?? That's a hard one !!! But thank goodness for me houndstooth is not the only cute material out there !!
So to go back to the beginning.. To wear or not to wear houndstooth??
Well DARN you Bear Bryant... the answer is not to wear.
Because I love AUBURN !!!
*** side note: some of the stuff in that picture at the top I would not wear even if it was made out of GOLD.. tacky is tacky !!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Two Thousand Mullen !!

S0 2008 and come and went.. Rather quickly if you ask me !! No doubt it has been a ROLLER COASTER of a year for the Mullen's !! Just like everyone else does, I thought about all we have been through in the last year and all that lies ahead for this year. I decided this is OUR year.. So instead of calling it 2009.. I am now calling it 200MULLEN (pronounced two thousand Mullen)... You like?? Kindof witty if you ask me !! We have a lot planned for 200Mullen... I am hoping that all of our plans will become reality. I have been talking with God about these plans and I hoping we are all on the same page.
I can't wait to Blog all about it !!!
So let's Celebrate all the Great Things that this Year has in Store !!

Friday, January 16, 2009

2 Christmas', Some Good deals, and 1 GREAT Deal

The day after Christmas is always CRAZY !!! Mrs. Daffin and I did get up way early and left the house before the sun even came up. But WOW was it worth it. We found some great deals and I already have a nice start on Christmas shopping for next year. Yep you heard that right !! I confess that I am one of "those" people that do my Christmas shopping year around and I start the day after Christmas.
After all of those deals I meet Michael to have more family Christmas. There is nothing like seeing the look on Michael's face every year as we move all the bags from Mrs. Daffin's car to ours. They just keep coming and coming... That look is priceless !!!
Next we went to Michael's Grandparents house to exchange gifts. This is where our camera goes MIA.. Well not totally MIA, just under ALL of the stuff in the back of our car MIA. So even though we have no pictures to share, it was a good time. After that we headed over to Michael's Dads house for our last Christmas. Still no camera... Shug and Kenzie got even more Christmas Happy's from Michael's dad... Our dogs are spoiled !!!
Our next spot is where my ONE GREAT DEAL comes in to play !!!!
No surprise here... I love Christmas decorations !!! And ever since Michael and I got a house we have always decorated our tree with specific colors and decorations. Which I love, but ALL of our other decorations just stay in a box, a Big Box.. Full of tree decorations.... Because of this I have said that I wanted to have 2 trees. One Fancy and One Fun !!! So this year I decided if I could find an artificial tree at a great price, it would be ours.. But I was looking for not good, but great price.. I mean this is for a second tree. So on our way back to Birmingham we stopped by Target to see what we could find. Michael had gone earlier to see what sales they had. He had already spotted a tree that was originally over $300 and on sale for $188 and then was 50% off of the $188. Yes that is a really good deal, but still more than I wanted to pay... My love and desire to have a second tree won out and we decided to buy it. SO.. we go up to pay for it and the lady is having trouble getting the price correct.. Michael and I explained what the price was suppose to be, she was still having trouble. So of course the manager came over to see what she could do.. Don't you know all those people behind us were just loving us at this point.. After forever of them trying to fix the price and pushing so many buttons....
$36.62 came up and she just looked at us and said.."There, that is your price" !!!
WHA WHA WHA WHAT !!!!!!!!! $36.62 !!!!!!
Poor thing there is no telling what time she got there that morning and just knowing how crazy they had been !! Well just Bless her Heart !!!! Bless Her Heart for not caring enough at that point to fight with the cash register anymore !!
Once we got home I was still giddy about my tree.. I found my camera and knew this was blog worthy !!
Here is our new 7 1/2 Pre-lit.. Remote Control Tree...
And for only $36.62

Blog Worthy if you ask me !!

*** Even weeks later while writing this I am still giddy about my $36.62 second tree !!

Friday, January 9, 2009

Christmas Day at the Daffin's

Like I said before Michael and I were at his Mom and Step-dad's house for Christmas this year. So it was a Prattville Christmas for the Mullen's !!!
We woke up Christmas morning to find that SANTA HAD COME !! I ask you, Is there any better feeling than Christmas Morning ???
Check it out.. Santa even came for Shug and Kenzie.... Notice how Kenzie got pink stuff and Shug got Animal Print, how perfect... Thanks Santa.. for thinking of our entire family !!!
Coffee was made.. Gifts were handed out... and it was time to OPEN !!!
Michael getting his big gift from his Mom !!
It was a new suit and this coat !! No clue what he was going for here, but I am just happy it was something other than the Louisiana Point !!
Love my make-up circle.. This came from Ulta, have ya'll been in one of those yet.. You gotta go, they are awesome !!!
Mr. Daffin with his new bath robe !! I thought about getting it monogrammed and then remembered that I was talking about a man and I am not sure a man would want his bath robe monogrammed.. Now if it was me, it would have to be monogrammed.. but that is just me !!Michael with his 2008 Nutcracker that I got for him.. Just another to add to the collection !

Mrs. Daffin with her "D" luggage tag !! She has that "surprised" look because she was with me when I got it for her.. She got a "M" one for me too !!!I was very interested to find out what was in that newspaper wrapped present from my hubby. YEA !!! PJ's and Perfume from Victoria Secret. I love it so much because he picked it out himself. Funny Story.. He got the perfume to go with the Pj's, because he thought it was something you spray on before going to bed.. he said it was beside all the Pj's.. I told him that I would wear it at night as well just for him !!!I love that story and I love the things my wonderful husband does for me because he thinks I will love it !! He knows me very well !!
Mr. Daffin with his new shirt from us.. He said he didn't have anything like that one.. I explained that Brown is the new Black and is a great color to wear.. Stick with me KID !!!
Mrs. Daffin loves bunnies.. So we got her all sort of bunny kitchen towels and stuff. Isn't that mitt just to cute !!
Michael with his shirt from me..
Since it was only the 4 of us this year we decided to go to the Country Club for Lunch. Here are some picture we took before we ate.
Michael and his mother !!
Michael and I
Myself, Michael, Mrs. Daffin,and Mr. Daffin
Michael and I Lunch at the Country Club was so good and no clean up afterwards !!
After lunch we spent the afternoon watching a few good episodes of "Cold Case".. Hey what more says Christmas like "Cold Case"?? Then went to see "Valkyrie" !! I have never gone to the movies on Christmas Day before but it was fun and the movie was great. Everyone needs to go see this movie, we all loved it !!
Mr. Daffin had smoked a turkey, so that night we had turkey sandwiches and a few other sides that Mrs. Daffin had made. Thank goodness Mr. Daffin sent some of that turkey home with us, because it was yum yum good !!
No late night for us... Mrs. Daffin and I had to be out of the house by 6:00 am (yep I woke up at 5:00am).. We had shopping to do !!!
Leave the house by 6AM !! That is late.. In the past everything has opened at 5, so we had to leave the house at 4:30am... Thank you stores for most of you opening at 6:00 this year, lets make that a tradition !!
Happy Christmas Day !!!!

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

You Wondered Why ??

I know what you are thinking.... All of those presents, why did I wrap them all by myself and not have Michael help me ????
Before we left for Prattville Michael told me to come see.. He had wrapped his present to me all by himself..
This is what I saw under the tree !!!
And actually Michael's mom put this bow on it when we got to Prattville to try to help it out a little !!
This was definitely wrapped with love, But I think I will stick to wrapping all the other gifts !!!!

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Christmas with My Family

On the Monday after Christmas with my family in Fayette, my parents and brother came to Birmingham. We shopped at The Summitt and then met Michael for dinner at The Cheesecake Factory. As always it was very good and the cheesecake was the best part. After eating we headed back to our house to open presents.
As I started taking pictures Michael started to do the Louisiana Point. He was even doing it with Kenzie.
Of course Mac had to get one in too !!
And then Daddy did one too (although daddy's looks more like the Heisman) !!! For the love Guys !!!!

In our family we go from youngest to oldest when opening gifts, so Mac went first. Here is the framed picture of Sullivan and Beasley we got for him. Michael loved it so much that I got him one for Christmas too !! (Mac is also wearing his new hat from us)Michael got a organizer from Pottery Barn to hold all of his stuff in (much needed) !!!! Yea Yea... I have been wanting one !! A monogram sticker to go on the back of my car !!!
Here is mom opening up her first gift !!!
Daddy (wearing his new hat) with his Under Armor Shirt from us !!
Pink Soft Auburn House Slippers !!! They are perfect.. they are soft, they are Auburn, and they are PINK.. what is not to love !!!Daddy with his new Ashworth shirt !!

Huntin' Bucks & Drivin' Trucks... That is just how I Roll !!
Fort Walton Beach HS colors are Red, White, and Blue, but their main color is red.. So I decided Momma needed some Viking Sunglasses for games, plus Red Sunglasses are HOT !!
Michael opening up another gift !! Kenzie was looking right at the camera, she was more ready for this picture than Michael !!
Orange and Blue Monogrammed Apron.. Too Cute !!!
All of that opening presents wore Kenzie slap out !!!
I do realize that Shug did not make it in as many pictures as Kenzie... What can I say, she just loves the camera !! I wonder who she gets that from ??? Certainly not me !!!
I am so glad my family got to come to Birmingham during the Holidays. I loved having them here. This year we are at Michael's Parents House for Christmas Day.. !!
We got so much fun stuff !! Thank you Momma, Daddy, and Mac for everything. We love it !!