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Friday, May 30, 2008

New Bedding !!

I must admit that I am a little (ok....a lot) excited about my new bedding !!!!
Ok whatever... I have had it since March, but that is still new in my book.. (and remember I did say that I would be back tracking)...
When Michael and I first got married we got a down comforter and with one of our many Bed, Bath & Beyond Gift Cards that we were so blessed to get, we bought a cover for it.. It was a nice white cover with shams to match.. Well after over 5 years, 2 puppies, and 1 zillion washes.... it was not as "nice' anymore. I have been looking for something for almost a year.. I wanted something to go with the coastal thing we had going on.. We found this, and with the brown pillows we already had and chocolate throw we bought it looks great.
When I say we, I mean Mother and I, not Michael and I.. Michael does not shop, but you better believe that Momma does ??? So a BIG THANK YOU to my mother who bought our bedding as an 'Easter Happy" !!! Which means, Just because she loves me....
**side note: This is no Shug and no Kenzie bedding !!! We are trying to make them understand they can only get on the bed, when the new bedding is folded down. I don't understand why they are not getting this ???
**side note: I just want to make it clear that I do realize that this is something that you really could care less about. But I do and this is Perfectly Pink.. Jessa's Blog !! So enjoy it are not, here it is !!

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Happy Birthday Mr. President

In words of the late Marilyn Monroe..
Happy Birthday..Mr. President
Happy Birthday to You !!!
(right now ya'll are all singing that just like she did... good deal)
On May 29, 1917.. John Fitzgerald Kennedy was born in Massachusetts. On November 22, 1963 JFK became the youngest President to ever die, he was also the youngest ever to be elected. At way to young of an age he was killed by an assassin as he rode through Dallas. If that tragedy would have not happened, JFK would have turned 91 years old today.. And let's be honest, even at 91 he probably would still be lookin good !!!
**Side Note**: As only some of you know... I am totally and completely OBSESSED with the Kennedy Family. This does not mean that I agree with anything they have done, but they are one of the most interesting families and I can not help but be intrigued with them. This obsession has been going on for years and years and I will just have to blog more about it at a later date.. This kind of obsession deserves its own blog !!
HAPPY 91th BIRTHDAY to the Late John Fitzgerald Kennedy !!

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Girl's Night Out !!!

Once a month the girls from my extended LifeGroup get together for a "Girl's Night Out" and last night was our night. We decided to go to Sumo in Patton Creek (which is in Hoover behind the Galleria for my non-Bham Friends). The food was great and the conversation was even better. I left with my tummy full and wanting more girl time. Thank goodness I was not the only one that was not ready to go home. After walking around trying to find a place to sit and talk, Maghan, Rachel, Martina, Whitney, and myself finally settled on Starbucks. But then we kicked out at 10:00. But in true Whitney and Jessa fashion we stayed in her car and talked until 11:00.. I love that girl, finally someone that talks as much as me !! A big shout out to my girls that joined in on the fun... in the top picture from left to right... Lanie, Jamie, Bethany, Ashley, Martina, Heather, Cortney, me, Whitney, Maghan, Rachel, and Laura. ( Martha and Lora, ya'll were missed).. In that picture alone, is 11 ways that God has blessed my life in Birmingham.. (well Cortney was a blessing from Auburn, but I am blessed that she leaves in Bham too).
A few of us smiling for the camera while waiting on everyone to show up !!!
Last night was Cortney's first Girl's Night with our group.. I am so excited that once her and Trey get married they are going to be apart of our LifeGroup.
With Cort, Whit, Martina, and myself all sitting together you know we had some crazy conversations.. We HAD to give Cort all the scoop before she went off and got married.. We are good friends that way !!I LOVE LOVE LOVE our Girl's Night Outs. And why wouldn't I, I always laugh so hard and get home so late !!! No matter what we do, I can always count on having a blast with my GIRLS !!

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Memorial Day 2008

We had a great Memorial Day !!! It was very relaxing.. The first half of the day we worked in the yard and then spent some time out in the sun (ok, maybe that was just me in the sun).. After that we grilled out and spent time together.. While we were enjoying all the wonderful food that Michael grilled, Kenzie and Shug were enjoying a huge bone (and they did not even fight over them).. As you can see Shug has gotten a new orange bandanna.. At our house we say.. All Shug.. All Orange !!

Here is Kenzie with her bone.. Trust me with Shug around, she knows that it can not leave her sight !!!

With Memorial Day being over I just wanted to say a quick but huge, THANK YOU to the men and women who have served for our Country.. It is because of you and the men before you that we can say that we live in AMERICA.. The Land of the Free...


Little Mexico on Saturday Night

This past Saturday night we had a "fun night " with our friends Jessica and Jason Johnson. Jason worked at Charter with Michael and through them we all became friends. We went to a Mexican Restaurant in the little Mexico Area on Lorna Road. Do my Birmingham Friends know what it is called, because I do not !! Oh well, it was yum yum good.. As you can see...I even stole a kiss from Mikey. And he does not give those out in public very often..

Here is a picture of the four of us as we were leaving!!

And you know that Michael and Jason had to get a picture doing the "Louisiana Point" (which has a story all of it's on... maybe I will post about it some day !!)
After our AWESOME meal, we went back to their house for a night of WII !!! It took me one game to warm up then I won the last two.. What can I say ?? I ROCK at WII bowling..

Friday, May 23, 2008

So Long, Farewell, auf Wiedersehen, adieu

So long, farewell, auf Wiedersehen, adieu.......Adieu, adieu, to yieu and yieu and yieu !!!!
I must bid a farewell to my good friends. You recame into my life in the Fall for a short period of time and because of circumstances beyond you, you had to go away. But then came back a few short weeks ago.. I enjoyed our time together even though it was not long enough, though it never is. What keeps me going is knowing that you will be back again in the Fall of 2008. Back with even more drama that will surely bring tears to my eyes and a smile to my face. Last night you kept me on the edge of my sit and like always it kept me wanting more. So now I bid a farewell to Izzie, Meredith, Derek, Mark, Alex, Lexi and all my other friends from Seattle Grace that I have not mentioned. I will see you soon and please know that you will be missed dearly.
I would also like to mentioned my other dear friend Addison. As much as I loved seeing you a few weeks ago, just the one time at Seattle Grace, it was just not enough. I look forward to seeing again weekly in the Fall. Moving on was a great thing for you. Let Meredith and Derek be together (hello did you see them last night, they have to be together). Private Practice is a great thing for you and so is that hottie, Dr Pete Wilder !!
So the count down is on !!! My friends at Seattle Grace and Private Practice I will see you again soon. No need to be upset, it will be here before we know it. My other friends, like the ones that think the will meet the one they love on tv (the Bachelorette) and the ones that think they can dance, will keep me company. No need to worry, they will not take your spot. They will just be there while you are gone. So until the Fall.......
side note #1:
To my dear husband: I do forgive you for stopping the DVR in the middle of Greys Anatomy last night. I know that it was a mistake, though a HUGE one. I did miss 20-30 minutes of the season final, but my love for you far out weighs my love for Greys.
side note #2:
Although it may sound like it in this post... I am not a huge tv watcher. But when it comes to Greys and Private Practice, don't mess with me !! That is MY time !!
side note #3:
So long, farewell, auf Wiedersehen, adieu...Adieu, adieu, to yieu and yieu and yieu..
Is German..
auf Wiedersehen means.. Until hearing again
Adieu is also another way of saying Goodbye..
yieu is you... (duh)
As I hope you all know, this phrase is from "The Sound of Music". It came from "So Long, Farewell", which is the song the children sang towards the end. If you do not know this, Shame on You !!!

Monday, May 19, 2008

April Part 3: Rachael's Shower

The Third and Final Shower that I hosted in the month of April was for 1 of 2 best friends from Auburn, Rachael Kellis Hamilton (who even though she has been married for almost six years, Michael still calls her Kellis, no Rachael just Kellis). As most of you know Cortney and Rachael are my bestest of buds. We are all so thrilled because Rachael and her crazy husband, Scott, are expecting their first child this summer. They are having a healthy baby boy. After going through many names, some of which were not my favorite, I think they have decided on Tristen.. But they are waiting to make this final. Me being the planner and monogrammer that I am, was not very happy about this "waiting for the name" thing.. I mean seriously, how I am going to monogram all the babies gifts ???? Rachael did not seemed as concerned about this as I was.. So I got over it !!! SLOWLY, but I got over it.. I guess the monogrammed gifts will just have to wait. If I can not get our baby boy something monogrammed, you know that he will at least get a Strasburg (for all you Non-Southern friends.. Strasburg is a children's shop that carries beautiful clothes, such as Smocked bubbles, dresses, JonJons ,and etc. If you still need help their website is: http://www.strasburgchildren.com/)

And of course Cortney and I filled a basket full of great stuff. Below are a few pictures of the basket we got them. Here is Scott and Rachael before they opened their gift.

Here is Rachael holding up the baby blue Strasburg that she received.. By the way, in my opinion, their are very few things a little boy looks cuter in than a bubble. So if God blesses us with a boy he will be bubbled out (do you think that Strasburg makes orange and blue bubbles with War Eagle smocked on them???)

Here is Rachael holding up some of the Auburn items that were included in the basket. Do you think we could let this boy grow up and be anything other than an Auburn Tiger ??? HELLO !!!!
Well to say the least Rachael was glowing and she looked BEAUTIFUL !!!! I was so blessed to be able to see her two weekends in a row. Rachael and Scott will make wonderful parents. And I will make a wonderful... what I am ???? Will he call me Best Friend Jessa??? I think I will stick with Aunt Jessa, the other is a little to wordy. I might as well be Aunt, Cort and Rach are the closest thing to sisters that I have. You know those friends that you know everything about and would do ANYTHING for.. Well they are those friends...

What a month...... I got to celebrate with my two best friends in some of the most wonderful times are their lives... This summer they will each have dreams come true. Cortney getting married and Rachael having a child are things that I have prayed more than a million times for. Thank you GOD for answered prayers and please for my sake... keep on answering them !

Once again, Congratulations to Rachael and Cortney !!! I love you girls so much !!!

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy Mother's Day

A Big Happy Mother's Day to my Mother.....
Donna Ann McCabe Barton
There is no question that I am my mothers daugther. Ask anyone that knows us both and they will tell you.. From the love of monogramming and cute things to being a freak about everything being clean.
I am very blessed to have a WONDERFUL family. If I were to list all the ways that my mother is great or all the things that she has done for me, well let's just say you thought my first post was long... Throughout the years my mother taught me many things and I am grateful for everyone. But as I get older I am become more and more thankful of one inparticular. My mother taught me to be a Lady, she taught me Southerns Manners. She sent me to Auburn with Emily Post's Etiquette book and boy has it been used. I am very grateful for the etiquette classes and Cotillion she put me in. Some people may call it being a "tight butt", but I call it being a Lady. And being a Lady is worth it. I will admit that I have a long way to go before I am as "refined" and know as much as my mother. I still have to call her all the time about etiquette. Forget Emily Post, my mother needs to write a book. "How to be a Southern Lady, Donna Style"
One of my favorite parts of becoming an adult is having my mother become a best friend. Now do not get me wrong, she is still my mother. I will always respect her and listen to her, because even though it took me many years to realize so, she does know best. But we are to the point that I also think of her as a best friend. By far, she is the best shopping and beach going buddy I have (you to Cort). I love to spend time with her and talking with her. I have no clue what I would ever do without her...
So heres to you Momma....... And a BIG Thank You to the Good Lord above for blessing me with such a wonderful mom..... I love you bunches and there are not enough words to thank you enough for all you have done for me..
Happy Mothers Day to my Mom and all the Moms out there.... Children are a wonderful blessing, but you are also a wonderful blessing to us "children" !!!!

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

April Part 2: Cortney's Shower

Yes it is happening, my girl Cortney is getting married. And you know that I can not let her wear one of those nasty old t-shirts, yep the same ones she has been wearing since college and maybe even before that. I needed to make sure Trey was gonna be drooling and much more on their wedding night and honeymoon.
Cortney was my Maid of Honor and she helped throw my Lingerie Shower.You see in Auburn, we threw some kickin lingerie showers. You have so many friends in one area and you got so much cute stuff. For as long as I can remember she said that her shower would suck if she didn't get married while still in Auburn. For this reason I have always said that I wanted her shower to Rock the House. So planning began !!! Rachael Kellis Hamilton (our other best friend from Auburn) and I started planning. She decided to do the invitations and they turned out so cute, she did a great job. Through this I decided everything and I mean everything needed to be PINK and green. Are you kidding, did you even think I would not have pink in there somewhere. We asked Cortney's sister, Amy; her cousins; Brooke, Paige, and Anna (who married her cousin Ben, but was not a cousin when she did so) and another awesome friend from college; Tara, to help !!! Here are some pictures of my house covered in pink and green. And trust me, the pictures do no justice.. there was pink and green everywhere.. AND I LOVED IT !!!

Below is also a Picture of all the hostesses and Cortney at the end of the table. As you can see we had a spread of food. Amy, Paige, Brooke, Anna, and Tara were all in charge of the food and it was so good. They did a wonderful job and everyone at the shower said so.

Cortney had said that she mostly wanted comfy stuff, because she knows that is what she will mostly wear. But Rachael and I knew she needed something a little more for Trey. So below is a few pictures of some of the items in her "basket of goodies" we got her. Oh so Sexy !!

Here are some other cute pictures taken during the shower of laughter and great friends that are very dear to me.

After all the planning and decorating it was over so quick, but it was a Perfectly Pink Party. And as you can tell by the smile on Cortney's face, I think she enjoyed it to !!!
** Side Note** I know that this text and the pictures are all over the place. This is what I get for trying to do it myself without Jamie's help !!! Hope everything is not confusing to read.

Monday, May 5, 2008

I was Tagged !!

I am taking a minor break from my parts of April to do this, because I must, because I was tagged.
Side Note**** To the left you will see one of the random pictures I mentioned previously. This was taken this past December in Destin on Christmas Eve. This is my brother Mac (who turned 16 on March 15), My families cocker spaniel Khaki( who turned 5 this past March 22) and myself with Shug (6 mths) and Kenzie (3).

I was just tagged by Martina Penter!

* Maybe I should... not think everything has to been done my way.

* I love the smell of... the beach.
* People would say that I... am bubbly and outgoing.

* I don’t understand why... I can not have a direct phone line to Heaven. (Martina, Great answer and I agree)
* When I wake up in the morning... I would love to wake up on my own time without an alarm.

* I lost my will power to.. try and be as skinny as I was when I got married .

* Life is wonderful with... Hope !!

* My past made me... the person I am today. (the good, the bad, and the ugly)

* I get annoyed when...things do not go the way I had planned.

* Parties are not... as much fun as they were when I was younger.

* Dogs are... so cute when they are puppies and great to have as pets.
* Cats are… not for me!

* Tomorrow I am going to… coach 7 different classes and work a total of 9 1/2 hours at the gym, AND look at it as 7 different times that I have to be a great coach and impact a child's life. .

* I have a low tolerance for...people that do not RSVP and have no Southern Manners.

* I'm totally terrified of... Failure.

* I wonder why I thought my life would be... just like I had planned.
* Never in my life...have I wanted something as bad as I do now !!

* High school was something that...I loved and took for granted.

* When I'm nervous... my stomach turns into knots.

* Take my advice... Stop and look around, because it goes by so quickly.

* Making my bed is… something that makes my room look much cleaner.

* I'm almost always... up tight about something.

* I'm addicted to… being right, being clean, and being tan.

* I want someone… to look at me and not help but smile.

**I Tag Kristy Dean Crawford, but she has not blogged for awhile so just in case I also Tag Paige Morrow Bowerman!!!**
There are some many different avenues one can go down with these sentences. But once I read Martina's answers it got me thinking along the same lines as her. Many of her answers I could have just keep for myself, but I tried to really think about this and answer each with differently. I hope ya'll will enjoy doing this as much as I did !!!

Saturday, May 3, 2008

Part 1 of April : Sheryl's Shower

Here is where I begin my back tracking, but before I do I must explain a little. Most of you know that I work at Premier Gymnastics and have been there a little over 2 years. I am very blessed that my boss and the owner of Premier, Sheryl Dundas, is also a great friend of mine. Once I took the job we clicked very well and our friendship has grown over the years.
This past fall Sheryl and her boyfriend Kevin got engaged. Michael and I were very happy for them because they are great together and both deserve a tremendous amount of happiness. Kevin and Sheryl decided to get married in Cancun on Memorial Day weekend. Bummer, we can not go because since Michael got a new job in January he doesn't have vacation time yet. But we did want to do something for them here in Birmingham. So on April 12, along with a few other of their friends, we threw them a "Stock the Bar" Engagement Party. As hostess we gave them a Decanter and 6 glasses with their initials engraved in them. They got a lot of great stuff. Now they are going to have to throw their own party once they get back.
We wish many Blessing on Sheryl and Kevin's marriage. I pray that God will be with them in everything they do !!!

1) Sheryl and Kevin once they
opened the Decanter we got them
2) Sheryl and Myself
3) Michael and Myself
4) Sheryl and the Hostesses (*L to R* Marcy,Myself, Sheryl, and Stephanie)