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Thursday, April 29, 2010

Baby Showers..Baby Showers..

Two Sundays ago both Martha and Mandy had their Church Baby Showers! One started at 1pm and the other at 1:30pm! I spent a little of time at both.
Martha and I
(Martha is expecting twin girls)
Lori, Whitney, Sarah H. and I all went in together and got Martha and Michael 2 bases for their car seats!
Mandy and I
I also went in with the girls and we got Mandy a precious pink and white polka dotted canvas bin filled with bath stuff!
Then this past Tuesday night in honor of Mandy, our monthly Girls Night Out was held at Ashley's house for her a shower!
Sarah H. and I
Lori, Mandy, and Rachel
The Girls!
Back Row (L to R) MaryAnn, Whitney, Mandy, Ashley, and Lori holding Lillian
Bottom Row (L to R) Me, Sarah H. and Rachel
Mandy about to open presents!
I got Mandy this cute little footed sleeper and a box of wipes
Baby Tate is gonna be looking good with all the cute stuff Mandy has gotten
It was fun to celebrate the coming of all the girls!
Baby Showers.. Baby Showers....

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

The Birkshire Collection

I looked and looked for the perfect car seat/stroller! I read all about over a zillion of them! I read about the safety ratings, reviews, and anything and everything else I could find! And then of course comes the concept that it much be gender neutral and look good! Once Whitney showed me this collection I loved it! I had my mind set, it meet all my qualifications... No more looking!
I showed my family and mentioned what great Christmas presents this would make!
YAH, they took the hint!
You may remember that for Christmas, Mrs. Daffin got us our pack n play!
Here is a picture from the Internet... Because.. Well... Mine did not come with directions so I just put it together the best I could... Yes, Yes.. I called them and they sent me the directions..
Let's just say.. Thank goodness!
My parents got us the stroller and car seat!
They are put together and sitting in the nursery just waiting to be used!
I have also registered for the swing that matches!

What can I say! When I find something I like... I go with it!
I just have to say that I love, love, love our pack n play, stroller, and car seat! Because it was an online item only, all I had to go off of was the picture on the Internet! But it turned out perfect!
Boy or girl... Either will look wonderful in our stuff!
Now we just need a baby to go in it.... and I need to re-put together the pack n play!

Monday, April 26, 2010

We Are Registered for Baby Mullen

That is correct! Thanks to help of Mrs. Daffin at Target and Whitney Hardy at Babies R Us, we are registered! As I have mentioned on here before, back in November Mrs Daffin went with me to Target and that went good! Mrs. Daffin was a huge help, but I knew I needed someone with a little more experience in the last few years to help at Babies R Us! That place can be overwhelming! Such a huge thanks to Whitney, NO WAY could I have done that with out her!
Laugh with me, My Registry is quite big.... But But But, let me explain why! If it came in pink and blue....well I just registered for both! So my registry is doubled! I figure my people will be smart enough to know what I want when we get our boy or girl!
I am always looking up information and reading about everything I registered for! I have changed my monitor a few times! It is amazing how much stuff is necessary to have for a baby!
We have been so blessed that we have a few different friends that are wanting to do a shower for us, but I want to wait so I can get monogrammed and gender specific stuff. But after registering I realized how much of that stuff I will need....
So, I have decided to have my church shower when we get a little closer to the top of the list! It will be a shower of necessaries!
To tell you the truth... I can't wait!

Thursday, April 22, 2010


This past Saturday Michael and I headed down to God's Country for A-Day!
We knew we wanted to get there early to walk through our new Basketball Arena! Beard Eaves Coliseum has seen better days, although it does hold many, many memories for me! That is where most of my major classes were and where both Michael and I graduated! I will be sad to see it go, but WOW check out our new arena..
It is not finished yet, but so far so so so very good! Auburn Arena's grad opening will be October 15, 2010! We can't wait!
Michael and his Dad!
Michael and I
Aubie getting ready to lead out our Tigers!
Coach Chiz leading the way!
6 ft 6in and something like 250!
He is a stud and I am PUMPED to have him at Auburn!
I have been very excited to see him play and then he hardly played at all! Michael thinks this is because Chiz already knows he is our #1 and on A-Day he was looking for our #2!
Hopefully so..
Hello Cam! Welcome to Auburn!
During half time they announced Auburn's All-Decade Team! It was so neat to have some of our favorites back on the plains for this.
QB--Jason Campbell
RB--Ronnie Brown
RB--Carnell Willliams
WR--Ben Obomanu
WR--Courtney Taylor
OT--Marcus McNeill
OG--Ben Grubbs
C--Danny Lindsey
OG--Monreko Crittenden
OT--Kendall Simmons
TE--Cooper Wallace
DE--Quentin Groves
DT--DeMarco McNeil
DT--Sen'Derrick Marks
DE--Antonio Coleman
LB--Karlos Dansby
LB--Dontarrious Thomas
LB--Travis Williams
CB--Carlos Rogers
CB--Jerraud Powers
S--Junior Rosegreen
S--Will Herring
Special Teams
PK--John Vaughn
P--Kody Bliss
RS--Tristan Davis
It was a fun day in Auburn (isn't every day in Auburn fun?)
I am READY READY READY for Football Season!
Baby Mullen if you could go ahead and come that would really be great! Football season is coming up soon! Understand you are much more important that football, but my boys need me in stands coaching them!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010


I know I know.... I have done an awful job at posting all the updates with our adoption! This may be for a few reasons:
1) Not much has happened (Hello waiting game)
2) I was so behind on my blog I am just now catching up
3) Because I am scared! I know this sounds crazy, but I have to remind myself that this is a sure thing. For so long it was hopeful or maybe, but this is definitely! I am SO SO SO very excited, but I am trying very hard not to get too excited. Adoption is such a crazy thing and there is no real time line. It could be next month or it could be next year! Getting too excited too quickly would not be good for me.
But I do have some good news (although it is a little old news to most)......
Around the end of March we found out that we are.......
That is correct! We have moved up and are currently third on the list! Just hearing that we have moved up continues to give us so much hope! Moving up is good!
Time Line? What does Third mean? haahahhaaaa.. Well if that is not the million dollar question! I wish I knew, but we are truly, in every way on God's time!
We still feel good about getting our baby in 2010, but have no clue which month! I think about our birth mother all the time! Is she already pregnant (oh, I really hope so), is she hurting, what is she going through?
I know.. I know.. I need to keep y'all updated more! Maybe soon I will post some pictures of all the fun things we have already gotten to prepare for Baby Mullen!
Third.... Third is really great and really exciting!
(but first is SO much better!)

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Girls Night Out for April

We meet at the Zoe's in the Summit for our Girls Night Out this month. Since it is starting to get warmer at night, this was perfect because we could sit outside even after they closed (which we did). Like always we talked, talked, and talked with alot of laughing mixed in! Getting together with these girls is something I cherish very much!
Me, MaryAnn, Whitney, Sarah H. and Ashley
This picture was taken right before we left. Lillian was ready to go, so Lori had already left and so had Mandy! But those fun girls were also there with us!
We missed those who could not make it, we will catch y'all next time!

Monday, April 19, 2010

2010 Indy Grand Prix

Before my days of blogging (oh I shudder to remember), Michael got free tickets to Talladega. I knew nothing about this, so I agreed it would be something different to do. So we got ready...
Me in my cute little summer dress and Michael in his polo and khaki shorts.. We were off!
I think my month dropped as we were getting out of the car and did not close until we got home... WOW it was different I will say!
Maybe it was the guy with the mullet drinking Budweiser that took off his hat and screamed....
"Get up der..Get up der.. Now stay up der.. Stay up der" every time the cars pasted...
But I realized QUICKLY I was not in "Kansas" anymore!
That was a first and LAST for me!
Saturday night after the 5K, Michael went to Buffalo Wild Wings with some guys and our friend offered him 2 free tickets to the Indy Grand Prix. You can imagine after my "Talladega experience" that when Michael told me about these tickets, I said NO and said it quickly!
He explained that this would be different (yea something different.. that is what he said time). But I could tell he wanted to go, so I agreed.
Remembering how we stuck out like a sore thumb in Talladega, I decided to not wear a dress. But I still needed to look cute! So I settled on a top and pair of linen shorts! Casual, but cute!
As we got there and started to look around I saw....
summer dresses, men in khaki shorts with polos and EVEN kids in monogrammed outfits..
I realized.... This really was like a classier version of Talladega! Oh man.. I could have worn a dress after all!
We pulled out our tailgating chairs and this was our view!
After a while boredom settled in and I decided I needed a picture of a race car for my blog.. I took like a hundred pictures and about 95 of them looked like this:
Those cars were flying... But eventually I got a few...
I was so excited once I got this one.. I was jumping up and done like I was at a football game and Auburn just scored!
Hahahaaaa.. Don't you just love my flag!
It may surprise you that I do not follow racing! So I cheered for the girl driver and the Target Car.. Worked for me! My Target car came in second..
The entire trip came and went, I saw NO:
rebel flag bikini
9 month pregnant guy with his shirt off
guy yelling "Get Up Der"
This is something that I could maybe do again.. if the tickets were free of course!
** I can only imagine how many Talladega lovin' people I have offended with this post! No offense, it is just not my cup of tea! It was a little to RED for this beach lovin girl!

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Giving Hope 5K Adoption Fundraiser

If you have not heard me talk about nor were invited to run by me a thousand times:
My friends Tesney and Greg who live in Tuscaloosa (do not hold it against them, I don't) are in the process of adopting a precious little boy named Kirill. Kirill is from Russia and has down syndrome. Allow me to introduce you:Told you he was precious!
This past weekend there was a 5K in Tuscaloosa to raise money for Tesney and Greg and the other families from University Church of Christ who are adopting. I have been trying hard to recruit friends to come! Cortney road with us and I was super pumped when I saw John, Lori and Lillian Macomber with Tarayn and Paul Comer pull up!
You are lying if you say getting a tshirt from stuff like this does not rock!
Cortney, Tesney, and I after we finished the 5K
Cortney, Tesney, Me, and Michael
It was so great to see Tesney and Greg and we wish them the best of luck!
We can't wait to meet Kirill!
** Tesney has a blog where she documents everything going on with their adoption. Her Faith and Trust in God through all this blows me away! Check it out:

Monday, April 12, 2010

Race Day!

We woke up early Saturday morning with high hopes the rain would hold off, but no sooner than us getting in the car did it start.
We went straight to check in and Michael got his time chip!
I stayed under the pavilion and watched as he and all the others went to the starting point.
Once he was out of sight I headed back to the car! That is correct.. As my husband was being all Rocky and running 13.1 miles, I sat in the car and read "What to Expect The First Year".
Hey I wanted to be productive too!
I also wanted to stay dry!!
At about 2 hours in I packed up and headed to the finish line..
It was still sprinkling a little, so on one shoulder I had my purse and the bag with Michael's change of clothes.. In one hand I had the umbrella and in the other hand I had the camera.. With all of that I only got one picture of him finishing..
Can't you just hear the theme song to "Rocky"...
2 hours and 16 minutes....
And that was his first marathon!
So what I was a little proud, ok ALOT proud.. I had tears running down my face as he finished!
After he got the feeling back in his legs, he freshened up and changed out of those soaking wet clothes.
By then the rain had stopped, so we decided to walk back into the town square. We got a few Jack Daniels Stuff (because that is all there is EVERYWHERE..
Then we went into the candy store..
We got Jack Daniels Mousse served with half a cookie,
and served in a shot glass!

It was a fun trip and quick trip!
I have been going on and on bragging about Michael's Half Marathon!
and I was one heck of a cheerleader....